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PORTLAND, OREGON - bambu®  was established in 2003 with the purpose of creating beautiful, safe and non-toxic products for the whole family at home, or on the go....made from nature. bambu is founded on the concept of renewable ideas® In fact, it is so central to the core purpose of the company, we trademarked it!

The company created the 'natural disposables' category with the launch of the Veneerware® brand of disposable dinnerware receiving immediate accolades from Fortune (Best 25 Designs of the Year), and International Design magazines.  

Veneerware® stands alone as the top quality brand of compostable dinnerware. Veneerware is the only brand of disposable dinnerware that is both compostable and made from certified organic sources. Grubware® is the company's brand of portable, on-the-go cutlery, and eating utensils and accessories. 

Based in Portland, Oregon, the company also has a development and production office in Shanghai, China. Innovation is a hallmark of the company. bambu was the first to introduce reclaimed cedar from China (2012), the first to commercially sell reusable bamboo straws (2012), the first to have their bamboo source certified organic (2008), and the first and only brand to earn USDA organic certification for the company's line of kitchen and cooking utensils, cutlery and eating tools, and toddler silverware. The company is recognized as a Pioneer of USDA biobased certification. The entire line of products is certified biobased.

bambu® is a proud member of 1% for the Planet committing more than 1% of total sales to nonprofit environmental organizations. The company is a B Corp certified business, recognizing the company's commitment to transparency and positive impact across all stakeholders. bambu® is a Carbonfree® business. The company offsets the business and operating emissions annually in partnership with

bambu has earned the highest Gold tier certification from The Green Business Network. The company has also earned the highest A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). bambu® maintains longstanding and direct relationships with the company's suppliers. All suppliers are governed by the company's Supplier Code of Conduct. The company's original designs are sold in more than 16 countries.

Read more about the company's values and unique approach to business in a Forbes article, How Strong Company Values Gave This Small Business The Power To Say No (And Yes) here. Watch the company's brand film, 'A Business for Good' which shares the founder's story here.
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"“Instead of hauling out your precious china, consider using renewable bamboo plates. I like to use the 11-inch round Veneerware bamboo plates for dinner service — they are an elegant and disposable option and don’t have to be loaded into the dishwasher. I pair the bamboo plates with silver flatware.”"
Texas Events Guru Reveals Her Best Summer Party Secrets — Yes, You Can Keep It Cool
Paper City Magazine - June 20, 2022
"Their reusable products are finished with a natural, food-grade, and certified flaxseed oil"
The Best Non-Toxic Outdoor Dinnerware for Picnics, BBQs, and more!
The Filtery - April 12, 2022
"the only brand out there sourcing certified bamboo, to make a huge range of handcrafted products you can cook, serve, eat, and travel with."
PARO Store - April 22, 2022
"A brand we have been using at social distancing BBQs."
These sustainable products make it easy to go green
NBC Today Show - August 20, 2020
"an excellent and innovative alternative to the usual"
Veneerware Bamboo Compostable Plates Review
Globo Surf - August 14, 2020
"Their story is one of great passion. Find out more about their story and their challenges "
Episode 7
The Business of Universal Kindness Podcast - May 27, 2020
"If you’re looking for a non-paper alternative to plastic, these bamboo straws are an excellent alternative."
Environmentally Friendly Straws as Alternatives to Harmful Plastic Straws
Sustainable Citizen - April 24, 2019
"It’s a smart and sustainable choice when it comes to things like dinnerware, utensils or cutting boards. We love Bambu’s mission to provide beautiful and non-toxic products for the whole family."
13 Eco-friendly Companies to Shop this Holiday Season
Avacado Living - November 19, 2018
" Every decision, every interaction, every communication is done with thoughtfulness. The idea of ‘B the Change’ is incorporated into our day-to-day. We work at creating a culture of excellence, of empowerment and of transparency."
Fantastic B Corps
My Corporation - October 24, 2018
"If 100% all natural is your preferred avenue, Bambu straws may be the choice for you."
How (and Why) to Stop Using Plastic Straws
Avocado Green - July 23, 2018
"Party hosts who want to reduce plastic waste can turn to bambu's bamboo straws"
Get Ready for Summer Cocktail Parties
Kitchenware News - June 26, 2018
"Time to rethink what a picnic can be. There's not a traditional sandwich or salad to be found....And no paper plates or napkins, either. "
Modern Picnic
Family Circle - June 02, 2018
"A reusable, recyclable, BPA-free coffee mug like KeepCup or Stojo combined with reusable, bamboo utensils by Bambu can help curb carbon footprints while keeping adventurers caffeinated and well-fed."
Gifts for the Eco-Minded Traveler
National Geographic - December 10, 2017
"Our new Fancy plate adds an element of elegance not seen before in disposable dinner plates"
Bambu’s Veneerware Gets ‘Fancy’ With New Plate Design
Homeworld Business - November 28, 2017
"the bamboo fork, knife, and spoon look so handsome that we find excuses to use them all the time."
For Explorers of the Kitchen - Gift Guide
Outside - November 11, 2017
"Cooking at home is a great way to bring more nature into your life, especially if you focus on plant-friendly dishes."
11 Ways to Bring More Nature into Your Life Everyday
SELF - November 10, 2017
"Whether you need a hostess gift or stocking stuffer, these hand-sanded and oil finished bamboo coasters stamped with a bike are fun and functional."
Great Cycling Gifts for Under $30
Bicycling Magazine - October 30, 2017
"Set a Hip Table. Add some eco-consciousness to your carousing with these organic, compostable bamboo utensils."
What You Need for the Best Tailgate Party Ever
Chicago Tribune - September 11, 2017
"Pass on plastic and embrace bamboo on your next remote backpacking trip. This 11” “garden” trowel digs cat holes as well as it digs carrots. It’s made from a single piece of sustainably harvested organic bamboo, with no additives, glues, or anything else."
Our 11 Favorite Things from the Summer Outdoor Retailer Show
Men's Journal - August 01, 2017
"...made with certified organic bamboo. Each utensil is hand-shaped from a single piece of bamboo."
First Look: Upcoming 2018 Outdoors Gear
Gear Junkie - July 19, 2017
"The range of plates, trays, bowls, cutlery, and appetizer tools is the perfect choice for an elegant and eco-friendly dinnerware solution that provides you with a “no fuss” clean up"
Summertime Lifestyle Gift Guide 2017
Splash Magazine - June 26, 2017
"We were happy to find Bambu, a brand that makes compostable products....plates are much sturdier than the standard paper plates, and when the night is over, you can compost them and give a little back to Mother Earth"
Summer Entertaining Made Easy
Lux and Concord - June 23, 2017
A Joint Bridal Shower for Creative Twin Sisters
"Plastic flatware rarely gets the job done, so ditch the flimsy stuff in favor of Bambu Utensil Travel Sets with Eco-Conscious Pouches. The reusable bamboo fork and knife will power through anything..."
Picnic Game Changers
Rachael Ray Every Day - June 01, 2017
"Others may have followed our lead, or replicated our products. But people can’t replicate our passion and execution."
How Strong Company Values Gave This Small Business The Power to Say No (and Yes)
Forbes - May 01, 2017
"Coasters upcycled from hand-selected cedar wood planks reclaimed from 70-year old Chinese houses"
Crafting the Ultimate Bar Scene
Gifts and Decorative Accessories - May 10, 2017
"They’re 100% organic, FDA food safe, compostable, and pretty darn cute (look at those sporks!)"
HOME 3 New Eco-Friendly Home Products You Need to Know Now (and One Classic That's Still the Best)
People - April 22, 2017
"Bambu is a leader in sustainability, and their products are beautifully simple and simply beautiful. Recognized for their modern and sleek design, the eco-friendly products are a cinch to carry and clean."
10 Unique Ways To Leave a Smaller Footprint When You Travel
USA Today - April 20, 2017
"Their products—and their operational philosophies—not only send the message that plastic is unacceptable, but also that solutions lie in natural, biodegradable, and compostable materials."
Picnic Sans Plastic
Sierra - April 05, 2017
"This company specializes in beautifully designed – and cost-effective – items for the kitchen and dining room. If you’re planning an al fresco party, they have plates, serveware, utensils and more. All of their items are designed in a clean, modern style that would meet with even Scandinavian approval"
In search of the exceptional in the world of home furnishings, accessories, fixtures and finishes.
Tropic - March 19, 2017
"Are you an impatient, hangry, toast lover like I am? Do you clutch with eager fingers at things which are too hot?"
15 Life-Changingly Useful Kitchen Products You Should Know About
BuzzFeed - March 07, 2017
" of my absolute favorite tools."
The $7 Cleaning Gadget Real Simple Editors Swear By
Real Simple - February 13, 2017
"What's to Love - bambu Gardening Kit - Garden Tools Made From Plants"
Style - Tools and Toys
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - February 04, 2017
"The Las Vegas Market is an increasingly important event showcasing brands that define the latest trends. It only makes sense for our brand to be here."
bambu Opens Permanent Showroom in Las Vegas
Gourmet Insider - January 22, 2017
bambu Adds New Kitchen Tools for 2017
Homeworld Business - January 09, 2017
"For those friends who live for creating meal-time masterpieces, we've found the 17 best gifts to help them season, prep and garnish the season's dishes like a pro. Bon Appetit. "
For the friend who loves to cook: 17 cool kitchen gifts for $25 or less
Today - December 08, 2016
"The design community comes together here to see the latest in product and architecture design ideas. Our Eco Travel Pouches and Reclaimed Cedar Trays featured here."
Holiday Gift Guide 2016
Architizer - November 28, 2016
"Unique products that use bamboo and hemp fiber in cool and creative ways."
Local Portland company is All About Sustainability
Garden Time TV - November 22, 2016
"Reach for these reusable bamboo straws from Bambu and ditch disposable straws forever"
Cool Outrageous Stuff
Green Living magazine - November 06, 2016
"Avoid Disposables. Instead bring reusable water bottles, cutlery and shopping bags. Try Bambu's certified organic utensils sets. "
Eco Friendly Things to Pack
SilverKris (Singapore Airlines) - October 02, 2016
"We are not a bamboo company, we are merely inspired by a marvelous material that is the foundation of our company. Today our palette of materials has extended to hemp, organic cotton, cork, soy and reclaimed cedar. "
From Niche to Mainstream - ...sustainable materials finds a permanent spot at the table.
Gourmet Business - July 07, 2016
2019 Eco Excellence Award
Business of the Year finalist - September 25, 2018
2017 Eco Excellence Awards - July 27, 2017
Housewares Design Awards - January 14, 2017
Google Trusted Store - December 06, 2016
Best New Product Award, New York NOW 2016 - August 22, 2016
Eco-Excellence Winner, Best Utensils - July 25, 2016
Eco Excellence Finalist, Best Utensils - October 28, 2015
Eco-Choice Award, Most Innovative Product Winner, Bamboo Straws - August 24, 2015
Green Scene Mom Awards - 5X Winner! - October 28, 2014
Eco-Choice Award, Most Sellable Product Winner, Kitchen Basics - August 24, 2010
Gourmet Housewares, Green By Design, Gold Winner - May 07, 2008
Housewares Design, Best in Category, Tabletop - March 10, 2008
I.D. International Design, Annual Design Awards, Design Distinction - March 10, 2006
Fortune Magazine, Best 25 Products of the Year - Veneerware®
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bambu® Hospitality Catalog 2021
Range of organic and compostable single-use dinnerware for weddings, catering and events
bambu® Outdoor Catalog 2021
From backcountry to backyard, sustainable products for eating, cooking and serving
bambu® Full Line Catalog 2021
Full line catalog of the company's latest range of renewable, certified organic products
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
" Perfection!! **** I was so excited to receive my sample box (wedding shopping) and I was blown away by the materials! Way better than I ever expected • Solid plates and utensils and the napkins were oh so soft! Beautiful colors, great for my modern wedding! We will be ordering the square plates in two sizes and the utensils along with the napkins! So excited! "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
" Elegant Solution **** Veneerware Bamboo plates offered an elegant and responsible solution to a catering gig at a remote location where standard serving plates were not an option. Good product, efficient ordering and expediting; I highly recommend. "
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
" BEST Customer Service **** The products are even better than I thought they’d be, but beyond that, I experienced the best customer service! I placed my order over the weekend and paid for rush shipping. On Monday I got a phone call making sure I was aware of processing times (just making sure I was remembering business days are different than weekdays), and making sure it wasn’t an emergency that I needed my items for ASAP! I so appreciated them going the extra mile to notice my shipping choice, and make sure my needs were going to be met! I will absolutely order from Bambu again!!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
" Love! **** I love the idea of sustainable living and am glad to know all the things bambu can be used for. The travel knife, fork, and spoon set I bought are perfect and the service was excellent. Thanks!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
" Quality products I can trust **** It's important to have non-toxic, ethically sourced kitchen ware. The website was very helpful in providing information on sourcing and business practices."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
" Excellent service and quality **** We ordered several bamboo products for our daughter's upcoming wedding reception. We are very pleased with the quality and design."
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