Biography: Founder, Rachel Speth

December 15, 2016

Currently residing in Shanghai, Rachel Speth, co-founder of Bambu®, oversees design, research, development, production and packaging throughout the Bambu brand. A jack of all trades, her role in the company includes setting new style trends, developing and designing new and innovative products, and creating new merchandising ideas. 

Having recognized the expansive potential of bamboo 16 years ago, Speth, with her partner Jeff Delkin, spent 2 years traveling to numerous countries to explore the ways to work with this renewable, sustainable material. Through heavy research, workshops and speaking with artisans and agriculture experts, Speth’s focus was to understand every aspect of the plant, from growing, to harvesting to manufacturing. 

“Bamboo is the poster child for renewable materials,” said Speth. “We had brainstormed numerous opportunities to bring renewable ideas into our everyday lives, but it seemed like a natural decision to introduce the idea through the home.” 

Beginning with a name and logo, under Speth’s guide, a new kind of company was born - one that was going to reimagine the space of housewares through the fusion of intelligent design and renewable materials. 

Previously having worked for Nike for 12 years in research and development, and most recently under the title of Regional Director for Corporate Responsibility – Environment, Speth’s skills are manifested through the Bambu mission encouraging people to buy differently, and were realized when she won Entrepreneur of the Year, 2006. 

Working from China, Speth creates fulfilling professional experiences, through team development, safe conditions and fair pay, by bringing a sense of responsibility and respect to those who work with or for Bambu. Through minimizing negative effects, providing good jobs, and promoting philanthropic efforts. Speth’s vision is being realized through the Bambu company, providing fresh thinking to our everyday world.