bambu® Company Backgrounder

January 15, 2017

While living and working in Asia, Rachel Speth, Bambu® co-founder and design director, discovered the adaptability of the bamboo plant. After spending two years traveling and investigating, she discovered that bamboo was used all over the world for shelter, food, clothing, and livelihood, and was, in fact, the fastest growing plant on earth. 

Inspired by the versatility of the bamboo plant, Speth and partner, Jeff Delkin, spent years researching and speaking to artisans, agriculture experts, and government officials in an attempt to understand every aspect of the resourceful plant. In 2003, Bambu was created, to reimagine the use of renewable materials by infusing intelligent design and innovation. 

“There are numerous opportunities to bring renewable ideas into our everyday lives. It seemed like a natural decision to present the idea through the home,” said Speth. 

“We wanted to create a company that makes a difference, environmentally and ethically, and inspire the idea of buying differently,” said Delkin. 

With a product line of over 100 items and much more in the works, Bambu uses natural sources such as bamboo, coconut, hemp, soy, cork and cotton to create both useful products for the home and general lifestyle, as well as statement pieces for the kitchen, garden, kids and throughout the home. 

Operating from Portland, Oregon, and established in Shanghai, Bambu’s conception was conveniently located at the world’s largest source of bamboo and with access to the manufacturing genius of China. With access to experienced wood workshops, Bambu reinforces fair trade principles by ensuring that every employee experiences a fulfilling work experience, with access to adequate training, fair pay, and safe work conditions. 

Encouraging people to buy differently, Bambu implements in its practices a responsibility towards the environment, responsible business practices and respect for individuals, in turn, fostering a spirit of community, cooperation, and collaboration. 

Bambu is certified organic by the international firm CERES, through a rigorous and extensive annual audit. For more information, please visit: 

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