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10 Green Intentions for 2018

10 Green Intentions for 2018

Did you know that only about 42% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions? Since the vast majority of resolutions aren’t kept for more than a couple of weeks anyway, that’s understandable. To avoid the high failure rate of old resolution standbys like eating better, losing weight and getting more exercise, most tend to play it safe by doing the same things in the same ways. We get that, but, what if your goals for the New Year could be achieved in a more meaningful, sustainable and organic way?

Rather than making hard-to-keep resolutions for 2018, try setting realistic, heart-driven intentions that evoke feeling and purpose in your life. Intentions aren’t something you attach an expectation or evaluation to. Instead, they represent an aim or a purpose you’re proud and passionate to commit to. Intentions create a foundation to build upon over time, and like a compass, keep you going in a forward moving direction.  

This year at bambu® we’re building on the intentions we set when we introduced our first products 15 years ago. To make eco-friendly choices each day by avoiding plastics, reducing, reusing and recycling. And, as a business, we intend to continue to create elegant, handmade, organic products that offer you a green alternative to plastic disposables.

Setting the intention to live a more sustainable lifestyle, however small the steps you take may seem, really matters. Unlike self-defeating resolutions that rarely last, you can feel good knowing that by embracing a greener lifestyle, you’ll be making a lasting and powerful difference in your wellbeing, and that of our beautiful planet Earth. Thank you for that.

To spark your imagination, we’ve put together an easy-to-keep list of green intentions for you. Choose just one of them, or the entire list, and take that first step. You’ve got this!

10 Green Intentions for 2018

1. Cut back on the use of disposable plastics, especially single-use plastics like straws. Instead, choose reusable bamboo straws. Consider 100% certified organic bamboo straws.

Eat local foods that are in season. Support your neighborhood farmers market.

Take reusable cloth bags along when you shop. Just say no to plastic bags!

Focus on plant-based foods and reduce your consumption of meat. Join the “Meatless Monday” movement!

Keep your body and the environment free of toxins by choosing chemical free personal care and household cleaning products.

Opt for recyclable packaging (and less of it) in your buying decisions.

Make your gatherings earth-friendly. Whether it’s a wedding, holiday event, a picnic for two, or a kid’s birthday party, most gatherings produce a massive amount of paper and plastic waste. Consider using Compostable Veneerware instead!

Take shorter showers and use a water-saving shower head.

Bring a (BPA free) reusable water bottle and a mug to the office, to school and to the coffee shop.

Use cloth towels instead of paper. Reduce garbage and save trees.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and green New Year!


                                                                    Photo by Coley Christine on Unsplash

bambu - New Product Highlight, Veneerware Tasting Plates

Among our most popular eco friendly products, our Veneerware® range sits squarely at the top (and we mean 'squarely'). Whether you are hosting a party or an eco friendly wedding, our square bamboo plates are an elegant, natural and beautiful dinnerware option.

Veneerware® is the leading brand of disposable plates, made from certified organic bamboo and approved for composting. These are beautiful and natural plates that have earned quick a following.  Read our 5 Star Reviews. See what others say about our plates!

bambu created the 'natural disposables' product segment with the introduction of the Veneerware brand over 10 years ago. Since earning design awards from Fortune magazine and International Design magazine, Veneerware has been the preferred brand of disposable dinnerware. Each plate is constructed, sanded and finished by hand. That is why each plate is clean and consistent. With Veneerware, you won't be disappointed with dark blemishes or material irregularities as a part of the plate. Clean and green, plate to plate. 

The reason why the Veneerware brand is the preferred is because only these bamboo plates are made from Certified Organic bamboo. bambu is the only company that certifies its dinnerware. Why? Because it is our assurance to our customers that you are getting and using the cleanest, safest, best disposable dinnerware on the market. The certification audit is an annual on-site and detailed inspection. Only the best green supply chains can pass this audit inspection. bambu has earned organic certification for the past 8 years. 

Veneerware is also the only natural disposable that is Biobased Certified. Veneerware has earned 100% biobased certification from the USDA. 

bambu offers Veneerware is both round and square plate options. Choice from 7", 9" or 11" plates. The brand also offers a full range of cutlery and appetizer tools, including our infamous Spork. The Spork makes a fun and functional appetizer serving spoon. 

bambu eco products for entertaining

Our Veneerware Squares shapes are offered in three sizes with the addition of our smaller appetizer plates. 

These Tasting Plates provide a 3 1/2" surface area, perfect for canapés, apps, sushi, or for a tasting demo. Veneerware Tasting Plates are offered in packs of 24 for $10, or a box or 250 plates for larger events.

Veneerware eco friendly products

See our full range of Veneerware dinnerware. Just one of the several environmentally friendly products designed by bambu. 

Or if you're thinking eco friendly wedding, then consider our other eco products. Check out our great gift ideas for all year round gift giving. 

bambu is the preferred brand for unique, authentic green products.





Veneerware Bamboo Plate Sample Kit

We receive a lot of calls from people asking about our Veneerware natural disposable plates and utensils. Naturally, many people want to touch, hold and see the plates before they purchase. Makes sense.

So, we have created the Veneerware Sample Kit. You will receive in a matter of days a box that includes one each of our six (6) plate sizes, our cutlery, and our appetizer sporks. It comes delivered to you in a kraft pizza box. The packaging and contents are nearly as eco-friendly as the plates themselves. Shipped to you all for the low cost of $9.50. 

Veneerware bamboo plates by bambu

If you haven't seen or used our compostable bamboo plates, you'll discover why they are the best selling bamboo disposable plates on the market. These are the only plates made from certified organic bamboo. The only bambu plates USDA Biobased Certified (find out what that means here), and the only bamboo or palm plate that is Compost Approved. Check out more details here

Looking for a composter in your area? Go here

If you are looking for an economical, eco-friendly and elegant dinnerware option for your wedding, next party or dinner event, check out our Veneerware disposable bamboo plates. Disposable dinnerware is super convenient, and when you use Veneerware from bambu, you're getting the best quality dinnerware for your event, and for the planet. Disposable dinnerware redefined. 







Veneerware bamboo plates - Commercially Approved and Accepted for Composting

Not all disposable plates are created equally. And not all disposable plates are approved for composting. Even if the packaging says 'compostable.' So it is important to know which disposable products are in fact, approved for composting. Different locations have different regulations when it comes to which items are approved for commercial and residential composting.

At bambu, our bamboo plates and bamboo utensils tested at the largest composting facility in the country. Cedar Grove is one of the largest composting facilities and among the most influential in establishing composting standards.

Cedar Grove Composts                                                                                                                      courtesy of Cedar Grove



Veneerware bamboo plates are Approved for composting by Cedar Grove. See the full list here. Only products from bambu are made from certified organic bamboo, and approved for composting. bambu Veneerware Utensils are also approved by Cedar Grove in Washington.

Our Veneerware collection of plates, trays and cutlery is also certified by the USDA. We have earned 100% biobased certification for these products.


What does this mean to you?

It means that when you choose to use Veneerware, whether for a wedding, picnic, a fancy catered event, or even a simple meal, you are using a proven and tested product that does not pollute the environment. 

It also means that you are getting the highest quality disposable plate on the market. Our bamboo is from certified sources. Each plate is consistent from plate to plate without irregularities. Veneerware disposable plates are durable and sturdy. And when you consider the cost of transporting and washing heavy ceramic dinnerware, it is a convenient and cost effective solution too.

Veneerware from bambu. Certified and Compostable. Great for entertaining. Good for the environment. If you are looking for a certified, safe and approved disposable option for your next event or your next meal, you can't find a better more eco-friendly and elegant solution. 

Available in packs of 8 plates, or larger packs of 100 plates. Contact bambu today to place your order or for more information.

Toll free phone 1.855.630.3149   |  Email 

Get Inspired! See how others incorporate Bambu Veneerware into their events and parties!