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10 Green Intentions for 2018

10 Green Intentions for 2018

Did you know that only about 42% of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions? Since the vast majority of resolutions aren’t kept for more than a couple of weeks anyway, that’s understandable. To avoid the high failure rate of old resolution standbys like eating better, losing weight and getting more exercise, most tend to play it safe by doing the same things in the same ways. We get that, but, what if your goals for the New Year could be achieved in a more meaningful, sustainable and organic way?

Rather than making hard-to-keep resolutions for 2018, try setting realistic, heart-driven intentions that evoke feeling and purpose in your life. Intentions aren’t something you attach an expectation or evaluation to. Instead, they represent an aim or a purpose you’re proud and passionate to commit to. Intentions create a foundation to build upon over time, and like a compass, keep you going in a forward moving direction.  

This year at bambu® we’re building on the intentions we set when we introduced our first products 15 years ago. To make eco-friendly choices each day by avoiding plastics, reducing, reusing and recycling. And, as a business, we intend to continue to create elegant, handmade, organic products that offer you a green alternative to plastic disposables.

Setting the intention to live a more sustainable lifestyle, however small the steps you take may seem, really matters. Unlike self-defeating resolutions that rarely last, you can feel good knowing that by embracing a greener lifestyle, you’ll be making a lasting and powerful difference in your wellbeing, and that of our beautiful planet Earth. Thank you for that.

To spark your imagination, we’ve put together an easy-to-keep list of green intentions for you. Choose just one of them, or the entire list, and take that first step. You’ve got this!

10 Green Intentions for 2018

1. Cut back on the use of disposable plastics, especially single-use plastics like straws. Instead, choose reusable bamboo straws. Consider 100% certified organic bamboo straws.

Eat local foods that are in season. Support your neighborhood farmers market.

Take reusable cloth bags along when you shop. Just say no to plastic bags!

Focus on plant-based foods and reduce your consumption of meat. Join the “Meatless Monday” movement!

Keep your body and the environment free of toxins by choosing chemical free personal care and household cleaning products.

Opt for recyclable packaging (and less of it) in your buying decisions.

Make your gatherings earth-friendly. Whether it’s a wedding, holiday event, a picnic for two, or a kid’s birthday party, most gatherings produce a massive amount of paper and plastic waste. Consider using Compostable Veneerware instead!

Take shorter showers and use a water-saving shower head.

Bring a (BPA free) reusable water bottle and a mug to the office, to school and to the coffee shop.

Use cloth towels instead of paper. Reduce garbage and save trees.

Wishing you a healthy, happy and green New Year!


                                                                    Photo by Coley Christine on Unsplash

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