Proudly Made

Our Green Supply Chain

It starts in the wilds of Eastern China in what is often called the ‘bamboo belt’ where wild ‘moso’ bamboo grows as far as you can see. China is home to the largest supply of bamboo in the world. We have spent more than 15 years living and working in China alongside our team in Shanghai and in Fujian Province.


We work exclusively with smaller, family-operated workshops with whom we have built a close, and lasting relationship with. In most cases we’ve been working with the same producers for over ten years and in one case, close to 20 years.

Simple Tools, Natural Materials

Our focus on artisanal craft is a business practice we celebrate, with each product adding more distinction to our ever growing range.


Every product holds a genuine personal touch. We find it reassuring that master craftsmanship is alive and well. Our products have been crafted by hand, often guided by tradition and family heritage.

Founders. Jeff & Rachel reside in Shanghai and oversee the design, development and production of their China operation.

Workshops. Employ a staff of more than 30 of which most are women and all are local residents and earning a fair living wage. We follow fair labor practices, and do not employ migrant workers

Local Oversight. bambu® products are made in China in neighboring provinces close to the company's production office in Shanghai. This enables us to visit regularly and reduce the cost and carbon foot print of production and development oversight.

Our Process

In selecting our raw material source, we consider to what degree the process and the product itself, impacts the environment and look for optimal solutions. For example the amount of water used in production is filtered and reused. We also use the bamboo waste from the production process to fuel the small machines used to make our products. Working sustainably is very much a process of continuous improvement. Our goal is to make a product and workshop as “clean” as possible.

Our bamboo products are all produced in close proximity to the raw material source. We support and in most cases, follow traditional bamboo craftsmanship practices.

When certifications or sustainable solutions are not possible, we work with full transparency in order to provide our customers with as much information about our production process so they can make an informed purchasing decisions.

Natural fibers including organic cotton and other renewable fiber such as bamboo, hemp or cork are often included in our product range. bambu® uses only certified organic cotton.