Yes, Even small Changes Can Make a Difference

Committing to eco-friendly living is a process. It needn’t be a big effort, or an immediate switch. Positive change takes time. Starting with small changes will lead you on the path to plastic free green living in no time!

Here are a few of our (small) products to help you get you on your way and begin your journey to living more sustainably.

Classic Cutting Bar Board

Classic Bamboo Cutting/Bar Board


Tiny Tongs (set of 4) - bambu

Bamboo Tiny Tongs (set of 4)


Bamboo Sporks (Set of 4) - bambu

Bamboo Sporks (Set of 4)


Bamboo Spork Set: Spork & Cork

Bamboo Spork Set: Spork & Cork


Bamboo Pot Scrapers set of 4 - bambu

Bamboo Pot Scrapers (Set of 4)


Bamboo & Wood Grain Finishing Oil

Bamboo & Wood Grain Finishing Oil


Mini Spreaders, set of 4 - bambu

Mini Bamboo Spreaders, set of 4


Short Salad Servers - bambu

Short Bamboo Salad Servers


Kid's Bamboo Spork (18M+)

Kid's Bamboo Spork (18M+)


It starts with small changes. Maybe it's an everyday product you use. Maybe it seems small and inconsequential. Small changes do add up to make a big difference. Start with an everyday product