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Recipes, tools, and tips to inspire your next trip into the wild- whether that means stepping onto the back porch or hiking deep into the woods.

The Ultimate Camp Kitchen Packing List

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Bambu Recipes: Jackfruit Tortilla Soup

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A Guide To Enjoying The Outdoors Responsibly

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The Health Benefits Of Eating Outside

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How To Plan a Camping Staycation

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Bambu Recipes: Stovetop Summer Desserts

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For All Forms Of Adventure...

A step outdoors offers a fresh perspective. Away from the hurried pace of daily life, there comes space to appreciate a simpler way of living. 

One of our favorite ways to experience the slower place of life outside? Cooking and sharing with friends and family.

Preparing a meal without the regular kitchen appliances can appear daunting at first, but with a little preparation and some creativity, you'll be amazed at what you can make with a few quality tools. If you're not sure where to start, this stovetop dessert recipe is sure to be a hit!

Designed For Life Outside

Explore the Bambu Outdoor Collection

A set of 5 bamboo pot scrapers are shown on a white background. Quick shop

Bamboo Pot Scrapers, Set of 5


A Medium Classic Cutting Board is stacked atop a Large Classic Cutting Board. Quick shop

Classic Bamboo Cutting & Serving Boards

from $25.50

Small bamboo tongs - bambu Quick shop

Bamboo Tongs, Small


Eco Lunchbox Three-in-One Classic with lunch Quick shop

ECOlunchbox Stainless Three-in-One Classic


Bamboo Bar Board Quick shop

Classic Bamboo Cutting/Bar Board


The 13-inch Bamboo Spoontula is made from a single piece of bamboo. Quick shop

Bamboo Spoontula


Eco Lunchbox Camping Tray eating outside at the lake Quick shop

ECOLunchbox Stainless Camping Tray


Bamboo rice paddle - bambu Quick shop

Bamboo Rice Paddle


ecolunchbox stainless food tray for kids Quick shop

ECOLunchbox Stainless Kid's Tray


ECOlunchbox Stainless Bento Wet Box - Round Quick shop

ECOlunchbox Stainless Bento Wet Box - Round


Our Favorite Tool For Enjoying a Meal In Nature

Small but mighty, the Bambu Spork is our constant companion for backyard bites and trailside lunches.

Lighter than aluminum but just as strong, bamboo is an underused but perfectly suited material for travel utensils.

The Spork + Cork Set is designed for easy use, no matter where your travels take you. Fit the compact design into a back pocket, backpack, or fanny pack. When you're done with your meal, keep your spork inside its cork storage pouch for mess-free travel.

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I found this and purchased it on a whim. I put it in my travel kit and have used it on almost every trip since! Light enough for backpacking on the Appalachian trail and small enough to fit anywhere. It has saved me at 11:30 p.m. in the hotel room when the carryout forgot utensils. I've used it during train travel and car trip picnics. I love it!!"

~ Barbara

Made for those that enjoy a meal even more when it's eaten in the great outdoors. Our Grubware® line of eating utensils are made of ultralight bamboo and crafted to be supremely packable and durable. So you can enjoy a great meal, no matter where your kitchen is.

Utensil Set with Eco-Conscious Pouch includes a Knife, Fork and Spoon set, and comes with either a Hemp Denim pouch or a Cork Fabric Pouch. Quick shop

Bamboo Utensil Set with Eco-Conscious Pouch


Bamboo Spork Set: Spork & Cork includes one spork. Quick shop

Bamboo Spork Set: Spork & Cork


Bamboo Cutlery Set: Spoon, Knife & Fork Quick shop

Reusable Bamboo Spoon, Knife & Fork Set


Reusable Bamboo Straws, Original Green, set of 6 Quick shop

Reusable Bamboo Straws, Original Green, set of 6


bamboo trail spoon - bambu Quick shop

Long Handle Bamboo Spoon


Set of 5 Bamboo Chopsticks - bambu Quick shop

Reusable Bamboo Chopsticks, 5 Sets


The Eat/Drink Tool Kit includes a bamboo straw (with cleaning brush), a pair of chopsticks, a mini spork, and a full-size knife, fork and spoon set. All packaged in an organic cotton mesh drawstring bag. Quick shop

Eat/Drink Tool Kit


Set of 5 bamboo sporks from bambu Quick shop

Bamboo Sporks (Set of 5)


Precision Reusable Bamboo Straws, set of 6 Quick shop

Precision Reusable Bamboo Straws, set of 6


Quick shop

Reusable Bamboo Forks, Set of 2


Quick shop

Reusable Bamboo Spoons, Set of 2


In 2020, Bambu joined the #RecreateResponsibly movement to encourage all who enjoy the outdoors to do so respectfully. Along with REI and the National Park Service, the Recreate Responsibly coalition brings together more than 1,300 members with one goal in mind: making nature a safe place for all. 

By caring for others on the trail, practicing environmental stewardship, and never leaving a trace, we can preserve the places we love for future generations.

Want to learn more? Join the movement!

Mess Free Clean-Up = More Time To Explore

Skip the dishes and spend more time with the ones you love. Our Veneerware® line of compostable plates, cutlery, and napkins are made with 100% organic bamboo, so you and the planet can rest easy.

Veneerware® Fancy Bamboo Plates in three sizes. Quick shop

Disposable Bamboo Fancy Plates

from $9.90

Veneerware® Square Bamboo Plates Quick shop

Disposable Bamboo Square Plates

from $9.90

Veneerware® Round Bamboo Plates in three sizes Quick shop

Disposable Bamboo Round Plates

from $9.90

Veneerware® Bamboo Knife, Fork, Spoon Sets Quick shop

Disposable Bamboo Cutlery Set, 24-piece


Veneerware® Bamboo Sporks pack of 24 Quick shop

Disposable Bamboo Sporks


Protecting The Places We Love

Through our partnership with 1% For The Planet, we donate at least 1% of our total sales (not profits) each year to organizations working to protect and preserve the environment.

Through this partnership, we're helping to fund projects that clean up ocean pollution, preserve habitats for endangered species, and ensure that even the tiniest of insects are protected.

Learn more about the Bambu mission here.