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Making the Switch to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Making the Switch to an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

More people are looking for easy ways to cook, and clean with green products and enjoy a healthy and toxin-free kitchen in their homes. Sometimes it is the little things that make a big difference. 

Our friends over at TinyYellowBungalow have created a super helpful short-list of a few easy things you can do or add, or switch out to create a more eco-friendly kitchen. And a healthier living and cooking environment too. 

Healthy eating begins with healthy cooking. And a clean and eco-friendly kitchen is the starting point for living with fewer toxins in our lives. 

Check out the  blog post here. There are several easy changes to make to your kitchen to make it a clean and green work space.

eco friendly kitchen tools

Also, learn about the toxic culprits that are all too common in our kitchens. Jessie at Tiny Yellow Bungalow also writes about reducing toxins in your kitchen and the advances of using simple bamboo utensils in your kitchen as a good place to start. Read her blog here.

You can select from an assortment of options at Tiny Yellow Bungalow.

certified organic bamboo tools

Learn more about what makes our bamboo utensils great and green, and better than other alternatives. The only all natural wood kitchen utensils that carry the USDA certified organic seal. And for good reason too.

Check out our full range of bamboo cooking utensils here

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