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Protecting America's Gray Wolves

America's Gray Wolf 

200 Business Leaders Show Support for Gray Wolves

Over 200 businesses that publicly announced their support for continued protections for America's gray wolves.

Numerous conservation groups, scientists and business people have expressed concern that delisting is premature and will
prevent wolves from continuing to recover.

The gray wolf has cultural significance and is an integral part of our natural landscape.

bambu joins with Patagonia, and others to sign this letter 200 Business Leaders which was delivered to the administration.  As you might expect, a number of outdoor companies are sharing their vote. Well, we are too. For us, it is an issue about well-protected environments.

It's not environmentalists vs. economic development. Protecting the wolves and our natural environment is good business too.

"We're behind supporting our various eco-systems. Thriving eco-systems create a more healthy and livable planet," commented, Jeffrey Delkin, owner and co-founder of bambu.

Interestingly, Oregon-based companies represent the highest proportion of businesses supporting the Gray Wolves with 37 companies participating. See the full list of business leaders and companies that publicly share their support. You can learn more at the Endangered Species Coalition here.

bambu also supports Honey Bees with contributions going to Oregon State University Honey Bee Research Lab and sustainable fishing through partnership with Seafood Watch.

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