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bambu Garden for Spring


We feel it! Spring is coming, peeking up from the soil, showing early signs on the trees, spring bulbs are sprouting, and we've got the planting calendars out, thinking about seeds.


We too are joining in with the introduction of our new bambu Garden collection.

bambu brings you safe, handcrafted products. The philosophy behind it is simple: start with natural materials that are grown responsibly. Eco friendly materials are grown and produced without harmful ingredients. Safe, handmade, and responsibly produced. 


From nature, for nature.

From cooking and prep tools, to serving pieces and products for entertaining, bambu is all about enjoying good food--preparing, serving and sharing. Our bambu Garden collection is a 'natural' extension of our products for healthy living.



Garden Trowel and Garden Fork by bambu

Durable and lightweight, our Garden Trowel is more than capable for all soil types. Ideal for breaking up earth and digging small holes. Especially good for planting, weeding, mixing in natural fertilizer, or transplanting.

Our Garden Fork is made to loosen the soil--not lift it. This has been designed with a more open fork area. Great for mixing materials into the soil, turning compost piles, weeding, and harvesting root crops like carrots and potatoes.

Both of these tools are shaped from a single piece of bamboo. The handles have been shaped to fit naturally in the hand.

Each is $9, and available at the bambuShop.


Bamboo Garden Markers by bambu

Bamboo Garden Markers for indoor or outdoor use, suitable for container or ground planting. Hand label these markers using a pen, marker or pencil. And if you want to use and re-use, simply sand off, and begin again. These also make great bulk food markers too.

Handmade from USDA certified organic bamboo. Each marker is hand-embossed with a bee motif in recognition of garden-friendly bees and our support of Honey Bee Research at Oregon State University, Department of Agriculture. Available in sets of 6 for $8.


Hemp Twine by bambu

Colorful and fun to use for the garden as well as home and craft projects. From tying and supporting garden plants, to gift wrapping.

Our Hemp twine is super strong. Produced in the same environmentally-friendly facility as bambu’s Hemp Denim products. Available in 4 colors: Red, Green, Blue and Natural. Available for $7.25.


A good part of our inspiration to design products for the garden is for our love of bees. Bees are critical to our food sources. Learn more about what's going on with bees. Read about why we're joining and supporting bee search here.


And if you are looking for some early gardening tips, try these from Living Green. Welcome in Spring. Get in the soil, and let it grow!

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