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Sneak Peek of Our Newest Products!

We've got some exciting news here at bambu! We have been busy at work over the last several months designing, developing, and testing some of new product ideas.  We wanted to give you a glimpse of some of our anticipated products that will be available on our website in the upcoming weeks. 


August is the month we are introducing new products.  We have been giving several of our key retailer customers an early look and the response has been terrific. 

We love working with different materials, and our newest products come from our hemp, cork, and bamboo - all renewable materials. We have over 16 new and newly redesigned  products. Here are a few favorites.  


Cork Fabric Bowl

We hunted down a new fabulous cork fabric material. It is a substantial, handsome, dark chocolate color that reflects certain design trends. We started with our current Adjust-A-Bowl soft bowl design, and then deconstructed it, and made some design and structural changes.  Great on the kitchen tabletop or in your living room. Citrus and pears looks bright, beautiful and colorful in it. And this soft bowl is a great 'tiddy-upper' catch-all at home anywhere in your house. 

Hemp Denim Tea Towel

We've been testing our kitchen towel for the last six months. The soft linen-like quality is surprisingly absorbent. We've been throwing it in the washing machine probably two dozens times already. Sometimes it gets an iron usually it doesn't. The subtle fade of the blue keeps getting better.

Kitchen Trio

We have selected three (3) cooking utensils that every level of cook can use. Then we accented the handles in our modern slate color. And then we added a couple of different washi tape patterns to create a simple and gift-ready set. 

Bamboo Coasters/Wave Motif

We partner with Seafood Watch because we want to support groups that are supporting environment protection.
We donate the proceeds from the sales of our Seafood Collection to them. We are adding two new products to the group.
One of the two new products we are adding to our Seafood Watch collection is our set of bamboo coasters. Our newest design is a modern graphic interpretation of ocean waves.

Monterey Fish Platter

The second new addition to our Seafood Watch Collection is the Monterey Fish Platter. Our final design came after drawing and prototyping nearly six different iterations. In addition to thinking about size and shape and use, we also think about material utilization and how best to use the bamboo while minimizing waste. If you think about an MC Escher repeat negative/positive format, it's like that.
That's just a partial look at what's to come. We are introducing more new products in the weeks ahead. Our newly revamped and expanded bambu kids collection, our new color palette in our coiled bowl collection, and other products in our new cork fabric.

Please tell us what you think of our new offerings. They'll be available for purchase over the next few weeks!

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