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Artis the Spoonman reviews our bamboo Spork!

We frequently receive and share product reviews from customers who have used our products. We love hearing from people who share their experiences with us, and we in turn share with others on our website. 

We recently received a unique review that we wanted to share in our blog. It's not the review that makes this unique, but it is the reviewer. The review came in for our bamboo Spork.

Mr A. explains that our bamboo spork was received as a gift a few year ago. And now it has earned a special place among his 'travel essentials.' He was in turn gifting them to his friends. That's pretty neat. 

Mr. A. as it turns out, is none other than, Artis the Spoonman. In the Northwest and in music circles, Artis is a living legend. He's a street musician with an extraordinary talent. He jams with spoons. He has played along with big name musicians like Aerosmith and Frank Zappa in world-class theaters, and street corners in the rain sharing with people his special brand of music. Here is his website and wiki profile


This man knows spoons! So we were head-over-heels to learn we have earned his endorsement. Artis didn't say whether the bamboo Spork made for a good instrument or not, but that's okay. It makes a great utility tool. 

Check out our Spork Story and Infographic here

 Inforgraphic of the making of a bamboo Spork

Take a couple of minutes to watch true musicians at work. Or rather, at play. And witness spoons artistry like you have never seen before.

We have lots of different styles of sporks here. And bamboo spoons in a variety of shapes and designs. For cooking or playing.


And to quote,

"never underestimate flatware"


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