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Tabletop Tips For Planning Your Next Green Event

If you are planning your next party, or a wedding, party or gala for a client or friend, you may be thinking about an eco-friendly event. 

You may be going for a rustic quality, a more stripped down theme, or a classy, and elegant picnic event. It can be done up big, or more DIY. It's all about simple elegance. No matter what theme you want to convey, you can have a beautiful, elegant event by creating a natural connection and incorporating a few organic touches. 

In either case, an eco-friendly event is about a natural quality that is in touch with the surrounding environment. Earthy elements such as locally sourced food, homegrown entertainment, and decorations all cater to this theme. 

We have provided a few table top ideas and inspiration below that you can incorporate into your green event planning.

Table Setting

For your flowers, choose a local organic florist to arrange your centerpieces and bouquets. Fresh flowers grown locally are a natural choice. For a summer wedding, use farmers' market finds to create bouquet and table arrangements. The Douglas fir centerpieces above, convey a classic Pacific Northwest feel.

Or you can consider using potted plants instead. Try displaying flowers or herbs in hand painted pots that guests can take home. They will be thrilled to take a part of your special day with them. And if you do potted plants, think about using bamboo plant markers to either identify your guests or simply to identify the plant type on the table.


For an even more natural look, forego flowers altogether and use pinecones, stones, or even our bamboo pebbles to decorate your tables.  They are made from the excess bamboo material used to make our bamboo cutting boards and bamboo trays.

They are beautifully shaped.  You can write your guests names, or festive messages on them. 

Choose an Organic Menu

Ask the caterer to provide vegetarian and organic entrees. Hire a local caterer who will source locally grown produce. Not only will this help to support your community, it will also ensure that your food is as fresh as possible.

You can also designate (and design) specific composting and recycling bins so your guests or caterers know this is a sustainable event. 

Select the Right Dinnerware

What's the right choice? You can use ceramic dinnerware, but you need to factor in renting, and washing and transporting which adds costs and uses extra energy and water. 

Or you can choose compostable dinnerware. Today using compostable disposable plates is en vogue. Beautiful, nature and elegant looking. bambu Veneerware® is your best choice for disposable dinnerware. It is the original bamboo plate, and the only product made from Certified Organic sources. 

Veneerware bamboo plates are your best choice because they offer these advantages.

  • Certified organic
  • Compost approved
  • Consistent from plate to plate - no irregularities, no dirty blotches or streaks
  • Strong and sturdy, no buckling or bending
  • Available in 5 sizes and shapes
  • Ships within 48 hours 
Place your order with us today. Or if you are still thinking about, order your Veneerware Bamboo Sample Kit. We'll send off to you a sample of each size plate and utensil we make, so you can test them out, and decide what works best for your event.

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Happy Planning.