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bambu Goes To Class with NYU students in Shanghai

Jeff & Rachel & NYU students in Shanghai

Quite a different 'school experience' than the one recently reported here under bambu News.

bambu had the pleasure to host a group of NYU students not too long ago. The class was in Shanghai on a study abroad term. We had the benefit of participating in a 'cool companies' in China section of their cirriculum. We were invited in to share what it is bambu is and what we do. We presented to the class an overview of our brand and our business. And then the homework started. We posed 4 real-life challenges, case studies for the students to answer.

Then we went to school.

Three weeks later we were presented to with their ideas about our products, customers, and our brand.

It was a wonderful mix of cultures and experience and perspective. It stretched our thinking, provided us insights, and gave us an opportunity to connect up with the young people. It was a great experience and one we intend on maintaining.

Thank you to our good friend, creative guru and brand consultant, Richard Hsu.

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