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bambu Sightings

We've been receiving more and more emails from people who have spotted our products somewhere whether it be on TV, in the most current magazine, in a blog or at an event. Most of this is totally unplanned and unscripted which we like a lot. It means people are finding their way to our products and our story, and we're answering their interests. The acolades and the awards are great, but acceptance in the marketplace is the measure that matters most.

We're going to create a new category on the blog called Sightings. Some random 'spotted you' posts.

The latest bambu Sighting happens to be on the Food Network. On Monday, September 1st, David Lieberman was shown
picking out our All Occasion Veneerware® at a store in New York. Then David presented a picnic barbeque at the Brooklyn Brewery on our Veneerware plates. Even though it aired at 9:30am PST, it sounded like a good meal plan.


Thanks Mike for spotting this and letting us know. Warms our heart.