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a song for salmon and more

This post brings together several things we feel pretty strongly about.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, we have a deep appreciation for the Pacific Salmon. The salmon is a symbol of the region, revered for its power and beauty, and certainly its taste. Today, the salmon and its habitat are under extreme threat.

Through our association with 1% For The Planet, we have been able to support the work of Wild Salmon Center. Wild Salmon Center's purpose is to protect the ecosystems of wild salmon through legislation, education and strategic partnerships. WSC was founded by friend, and college classmate, Guido Rahr. Guido was instrumental in introducing both Rachel and Jeff how to fly fish on the fabulous waters of Oregon's Deschutes River. The Deschutes is one of our favorite places on earth. Wild Salmon Center has been a leader in salmon protection, and has earned the highest Charity Navigator rating among non-profits.

For more on the revered salmon and why it's important to protect the salmon and its habitat, I encourage you to read Guido's essay HERE. A copy of their annual report is HERE.

The second part of this story involves a cool idea called Songs for Eating and Drinking, a concept born in Seattle. The curator is none other than Michael Hebberoy. Hebberoy is a provocateur and a bit of a rebel, well-known on the food scene in Portland and Seattle. Founder of clarklewis, and more recently, afood concept, One Pot which blends artistry and food in inventive ways that break new ground. Read about Hebb in the NYT here.

The third ingredient in this mix is Stone Gossard. Stone is in Pearl Jam which has been a favorite to these ears for years. The band has some strong points of view about preserving the environment. You can read more in Grist here, our favorite source for environmental news.

Here's a pretty cool clip of Stone performing a song about salmon at a recent Songs For Eating and Drinking event in Seattle. Stone is an active supporter of the work of WSC. Equating fish hatcheries to washing machines is a strong analogy.