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bamboo on wheels

The cool folks at BambooSK8 Eco Friendly Skateboards make eco friendly skateboards using sustainable bamboo skate decks.

Note to skaters – according to the Science Channel, skateboards have replaced furniture as the leading contributor to maple deforestation. The Canadian maple takes 40 to 60 years to mature before it can be cut down to make your decks. The good news? BambooSK8 offers a great alternative because these first rate boards are durable, sustainable, and even stronger than maple.

These guys walk the talk and believe in their product and are conscientious about their footprint through and through. They claim that the bamboo they use comes from 100% managed forests. Not sure about what that means, or if that is preferred to sustainably harvested wild bamboo like we use. For a company that is transparent in its operation, it does seem a little odd that they don't share where their bamboo is grown, how it is process or where it comes from.


Obviously, the boards are strong. But the boards are light too. Decks weigh between 2.5 and 2.85 pounds. Bamboo is also more elastic than maple, making these boards resilient and less likely to break. Testimonials from BambooSK8 fans on their web site rave about the boards unbreakability, and “pop.”

Noah even took one for a spin just up the way from us in Beijing. Catch his ride here...