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Revolutionizing Eating Utensils: The Evolution of Our Bamboo Spork

Revolutionizing Eating Utensils: The Evolution of Our Bamboo Spork

..........Well.......ya know...........we all wanna change the world.

The bambu spork


It started with an idea.......and then it gathered grew....others got interested. They add to it...... one person's idea gets communicated to many..........and one person's idea becomes the idea of several......and the beginnings of a movement start to take shape.

When Princeton contacted us and told us that they were starting a revolution, well, we were thrilled. And we were ready to join in the uprising and supply arms.

Spork Revolution!

The quirky wonderful 'spork' has created quite a following. Part spoon, part fork, and sized and shaped to be used for numerous purposes. It is one of those items where, you are only limited by your imagination.

Numerous people have shared stories of their affection for the Spork. How they use, where they use, and how they carry, and those stories have given us new ideas. Here's Laura who received a bambu Spork in her Christmas stocking and now she carries it with her.
Laura and her Spork

We have been creating new ideas around our Spork concept. First there was the All Occasion Veneerware Spork.

Then we introduced our bambu KIDS Spork. (Which by the way, is used by plenty of big kids too.)

Cork & Spork.
We have combined two renewable materials - Cork and Bamboo to create a unique, and transportable all-in-one Spork and carrying pouch made from Cork. Another in our Hybrid Series of products that combines materials.

So, we applaud the students at Princeton. And all those Spork fans out there, thank you.  Sporks have even been spotted on the comics page.

spork platyplus

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