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bambu goes back to school in Shanghai

We've had some wonderful opportunities to tell the bambu story and share the products we create to business professionals, grad students, university exchange students, other entrepreneurs, and middle and lower school students.

Last fall, we spoke to students of the graduate program at China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). That post is here.

It is the younger students that are particularly enjoyable to meet with, and who are a constant source of surprise. Children have a certain curiosity and natural exuberance that makes it really fun for us to share what we do.

We share a couple of those stories here from a previous post.

Our most recent school visit took us back to Shanghai International School. The children from SCIS are exceptionally tuned into the world.

Rachel shares why bamboo is preferred over plastic

Wonderful collection of comments from third graders from around the world.

You can hear those 'kid quotes' here.

They share a real desire to help create a healthy planet. They clearly expressed the benefits of eco-friendly products, and an understanding of why we need to reduce our wastefulness. We saw examples of No Litter campaigns, Use Less Water programs, and Plant a Tree campaigns at SCIS. It is fantastic to see the school creating these types of positive initiatives.