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bambu Interviews with Green America

While we are all about making well crafted products from renewable and reclaimed resources, there is another aspect to our business.

bambu is a longstanding member of Green America the non-profit organization that promotes environmental sustainability and social justice. We are one of the many ethical member companies that make up the Green Business Network.

We are product to be among the few Gold Level companies pioneering best practices in our industry and embedding social and environmental responsibility into the DNA of their company. We are focused on producing the purest product at the highest standards possible, including organic, Fair Trade, and/or local. We tell our story here.


Featured in the pages of The Green Business Network, is our story, Building a Sustainable Business. Below is a summary of a few of the key lessons learned along the way. 

  1. Learn to be local.
  2. Treat people well. Create strong relationships.
  3. Sweat the details. Know your supply chain.
  4. It’s more than a product.
  5. Build a strong foundation.
  6. Be vigilant about what is important to you.

An excerpt of the article is here....


“The company values are reflected in the product, instilled in our processes and are supported by our staff.” Jeff added.

Pride in workmanship, a fair living wage, and safe work environments are goals that we are continually focused on. “We couldn’t do what we do, and the way in which we do it, without being here.” offered Rachel. “And because we are based here, we are able to work more efficiently and improve overall quality in everything we do.”

Our bambu ‘eco-system’ is interdependent on craftspeople, material suppliers, farmers, business owners, quality assurance people and local support. “We strive to benefit everyone along our supply chain.” bambu does not work with trading companies or middlemen.


To read the whole article. Go here. While we create products, it's more than a product that we sell.


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