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When a Cutting Board is More Than a Cutting Board

When a Cutting Board is More Than a Cutting Board

Some cutting boards are meant to live and stay in the kitchen. Either they are too big and clunky to lug around and serve from. Or your workhorse of a cutting board is just that. Old and cruddy and not meant for company.

old wood cutting board

Or your board looks like it has been through a cooking battlefield, and it's definitely not up to the task of presenting your well prepared appetizers.


We produce high quality, handmade boards from renewable and reclaimed eco-friendly materials. We design our boards to both function exceptionally well in the kitchen, and to look beautiful as a serving tray for your hors d'oeuvres and appetizers. 

Our two best selling cutting boards designs are the sleek Undercut Series which features cutaway handles for easy transportation from kitchen to table. Available in four sizes, starting at $11.  Our Classic Series bamboo cutting boards has been a favorite among our customers for years. (It's a favorite in our household too). 

The team at recently shared a terrific appetizer tip. Here they show a quick and easy way to serve crunchy and colorful veggie apps in hallowed out bread slices. Looks great. And looks great served up on our medium Classic Cutting Board. Correction: that's Cutting and Serving Board. Hand finished and ready for years of cutting and serving. $22. 

bambu Classic Cutting Board



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