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The launch of our new range - Hemp is the newest renewable from bambu

Simply stated, bambu is a renewable ideas® company.  [It is so much central to who we are as a brand, we registered it].

From our very beginnings more than 10 years ago, we envisioned working with, and offering a wide pallets of an innovative and interesting products crafted from renewable and reclaimed materials. Bamboo was certainly our poster child, but then there was cork, and coconut, soy, and cork fabric too.

This season we excited to share our latest greatest. Hemp. Hemp has some fantastic characteristics and a rich background. For instance, the first pair of Levis Strauss jeans were made from hemp. We've got a sheet of hemp facts. If you are interested, drop us an email at [email protected], and we'll send you our Hemp Fact Sheet.

To introduce our hemp collection and kick off our new range of more than 12 new products, colors, and partner collaborations, we're sharing this simple video. Our Maker's Apron made from hemp and certified organic cotton. Comes loaded with certified organic bamboo utensils. Ready to roll....literally....

We hope it puts a smile on your face. A desire in your mind. Let us know what you think. Look for more innovating and interesting products from bambu very soon....