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Happy Earth [Day]

Happy Earth [Day]

Earth Day at bambu

Instead of Happy Earth DAY, why don't we just say 'happy earth' Not day, not week, not even month. Just 'Happy Earth.' 

Whether it's a day, a month or a year, it is about recognizing the miraculousness of our planet, and doing our bit to reduce our impact on the planet. We humans place an enormous amount of pressure and do irreversible damage to our land, air and waters. It's disheartening.

Did you know that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean? 

But we can do our part. Make a smaller footprint.  Buy less. Throw away less. And use less plastic. Here are some (not-so-fun) facts and startling numbers from Grist about what we use and what we toss. 

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bambu Earth Day program

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Refuse single-use plastic

Check out the great work from Plastic Pollution Coalition and join the coalition with us and hundreds of individuals, schools, NGOs, and companies to spread the word and use less plastic.