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Growing With Purpose - The bambu Story in Forbes

Growing With Purpose - The bambu Story in Forbes

We were first attracted to the Small Giants community by its paradoxical name. The idea that you could be small and strong. That bigger isn't always better. And that you could stay true to your values while being financially healthy. We felt like we found a community of like-minded business leaders.

That led us to Paul Spiegelman. Paul is the CEO of Small Giants, a seasoned business leader, and best-selling author. Paul also writes for Forbes. Paul took an interest in our story. 

Forbes business magazine

Many people told us we would have to go big to survive. We shared our story on how we stuck to our values and followed our North Star which gave us the power to say no. And to say yes.

(originally published in (May 1, 2017) 

How Strong Company Values Gave This Small Business The Power To Say No (And Yes)

“We cashed in our savings because we believed in our idea,” says bambu co-founder and owner Jeff Delkin. “Now, we’re a start-up within a start-up. Others have followed our lead, replicated our products. But people can’t easily replicate our passion and execution.”

Is it possible to create a profitable business that introduces people to affordable quality products made from renewable materials while also reducing our reliance on plastic?

Soon enough, they reached the critical crossroads that any successful small business knows well; that key moment when you must decide whether to go right or to go left. For bambu, that moment occurred when mass merchandisers came knocking.

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