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bambu Wins Best New Product Award in New York

bambu Wins Best New Product Award in New York

For the second year in a row, bambu wins top honors at New York Now, the leading trade show for design-oriented brands and top buyers in the US, and International markets.

bambu wins the Best New Product award at this summer's show held in New York in August. The award was given to the company's newly launched reclaimed cedar wood collection. Last year in New York, bambu won Most Innovative Product for our reusable bamboo straws.

"We are super excited that judges, buyers and customers have reacted so positively to our ideas. The new cedar collection represents the latest in our quest to offer beautiful and unique products."

"We are playing with and designing with new renewable, recycled and reclaimed materials. We are no longer only about bamboo," remarks co-owner, Jeff Delkin.

Partner, Rachel Speth is the designer of the new cedar line and was head-over-heels when she discovered this source on a production trip.

Here's the story - 
Traveling in ChinaOn one of our visits to our workshop, we stopped in a small town and found an interesting salvage yard that stocked timber and other used building materials. We asked about the Cedar Wood and learned that before western building materials were introduced in China in the mid-century, the people used the local wood, Chinese Cedar Wood was bountiful and the wood of choice for building homes and other wooden structures. 
Today the wood is found as salvage material used by the locals for small projects. 

cedar salvage from dwellingsdwelling made from cedar wood in China

We tested the material and found that it was free of chemicals, which makes sense considering the Cedar Wood is naturally resistant to staining, pests and mold.

Our serving pieces are shaped from 70-year old cedar wood pieces, reclaimed from old Chinese dwellings, now upcycled for your home. Each board, tray and coaster is hand selected and a ONE-OF-A-KIND which refers to the knots, colors and lines will be different on each one.

Every plank or piece of timber we use is unique so the result will be ‘one-of-a-kind’, just like any other wood. 

The cedar wood collection is available in 3 serving boards, 5 serving trays style The design is inspired by the hexagon, a design reference to our on-going support of the bees, the Honey Bee Research Lab at Oregon State University.

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