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Bridal Shower Plates To Games: 10 Steps To A Perfect DIY Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Plates To Games: 10 Steps To A Perfect DIY Bridal Shower

Have a bunch of homemade bridal shower ideas in your head, but not sure how to turn them into a reality? Hosting a DIY bridal shower can be a lot to handle, so use these steps to make planning a breeze.

Planning a bridal shower can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be expensive. If you're looking to save some money and add a personal touch to the celebration, consider hosting a DIY bridal shower. From decorations to games, this guide has everything you need to plan a beautiful and budget-friendly event that the bride-to-be will love.

Start With A Budget and Guest List

Before you start planning any details, it’s important to establish a budget and guest list. This will help you determine how much you can spend on decorations, food, and other party essentials. It will also give you an idea of how many guests you can invite and what type of venue you’ll need.

Make sure to consult with the bride-to-be on the guest list to ensure you don’t forget anyone important. It’s customary to invite only guests that will also be invited to the wedding, so keep that in mind. Once you have a budget and guest list in place, you can start making decisions on the details of the party.

Choose A Close-To-Home Location

Renting a venue, even just for a few hours, can be one of the biggest ticket items when planning a bridal shower. So, rather than renting a space, consider where you might be able to host the event for free. Does the bride-to-be’s mother have a house with space for guests? How about a bridesmaids backyard? Depending on your event size, there might be many suitable options that only require moving some furniture.

If these locations aren’t suitable, do a quick search for local parks and event centers. Often, a spacious gazebo at your local park can be reserved for free or a small fee!

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Decide On a Theme and Color Scheme

Once you’ve decided on a location, the next step in planning a DIY bridal shower is to choose a theme and color scheme. This will help guide your decisions on decorations, invitations, and even food and drinks. Some popular themes include rustic, bohemian, and garden party. Once you have a theme in mind, choose a color scheme that complements it. For example, if you choose a garden party theme, you might opt for pastel colors like pink, green, and yellow. If there’s a level of formality to your event, make sure to indicate it in your invitations so guests can dress appropriately.

Useful Tip: Use a free Pinterest board to organize and arrange your theme ideas. Pinterest is a great place to find DIY tips and sustainable event-planning swaps.

Make Digital DIY Bridal Shower Invites

When you’re ready to spread the word, an easy place to save some cash is on invites. Rather than paying for printing and postage, an e-invite offers an option that’s just as effective and attractive, for much less. In fact, you can easily design your own e-invite with a platform like Canva. Simply compile a list of emails rather than addresses, and send your invites on their way. Plus, going digital is a fantastic way to save trees and reduce the carbon footprint of your event!

Consider a Brunch Or Afternoon Tea Event

After the venue, food and drinks are often the priciest part of any event. For your DIY bridal shower, consider timing it for brunch or a mid-afternoon “tea time.” Meals like these are typically lighter, and a smattering of finger foods is often all that is needed. Things such as charcuterie boards are easy to make on your own, too.

Embrace A Mismatched Look

Gathering enough tables and chairs for 20 or more people is a challenge. But renting isn’t the only way! Choosing an eclectic design makes it easy to borrow tables and chairs from friends and family. A good rule of thumb is to look for tables that are a similar height. Then, spread out different chairs so that each table has a few different styles. If you want to make the look more streamlined, tie everything together with matching tablecloths, centerpieces, or chair decorations.

Opt For Compostable Bridal Shower Plates

When you’re creating an event with homemade bridal shower ideas, it’s easy to end up with more work than you might have planned. So, when it comes to bridal shower plates, keep it simple. A great way to keep costs low and not sacrifice aesthetics is choosing compostable dinnerware. Bamboo bridal shower plates can be found in many sizes and shapes. And, their neutral, attractive look matches any theme!

bridal shower plates

Not only do compostable plates save time (and make it easy to ensure you have matching table settings for all guests), choosing a disposable can also save you money. Disposable plates are easily cheaper than renting dinnerware from a party company. And, they can end up being less expensive than borrowing plateware, too. Once you add up transportation, your own (or someone else's labor), and the resources it takes to wash and dry dishes, you might be surprised by what the real cost of china table settings is. So take something off your plate, and go with a natural, disposable option like bamboo plates!

Capitalize On The Location You Have

When it comes to DIY bridal shower decorations, planning decor that supports your location (rather than trying to cover it up), will make your work easier. If you’re in an outdoor space, can you arrange the tables under a tree or set of bushes that already have lights on them? If you’re inside, how can you incorporate existing artwork and decor into the event space? With a creative eye, you may find that your bridal shower decorations are right in front of you.

Decorate With Local Flowers And Borrowed Greenery

One of our favorite homemade bridal shower ideas isn’t homemade at all– it’s homegrown. Florals are an essential part of any DIY bridal shower, and they’re easier to save on than you might think.

Before heading to the florist, consider what greenery you might be able to use or borrow for the day. Potted ferns and small indoor trees can make a lovely backdrop for an event like this. And instead of cut flowers, consider making small potted flowers your centerpieces.

If you do want to decorate more traditionally with cut flowers, check your local flower shop to see what is in season locally. Local flowers are typically more affordable, and they’re much lighter on the planet, too.

Plan Fun and Interactive Games and Activities

No shower is complete without some fun and interactive games and activities. Consider bridal shower games like a "how well do you know the bride" quiz. Or, create a round of jeopardy with categories for questions about the bride, their fiancee, and their relationship. You can also set up a DIY photo booth with props and a backdrop for guests to take fun photos.

With a little creativity and crafting, a DIY bridal shower can be fun, festive, and affordable!

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