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Why Bamboo Plates? 10 Benefits That Make Them Ideal for Any Occasion

Why Bamboo Plates? 10 Benefits That Make Them Ideal for Any Occasion

Single-use plates have a reputation for looking cheap and being flimsy. But it’s time to look beyond those thickly coated paper plates of your childhood. Disposable bamboo plates offer an upgraded option for compostable plates that are chic, eco-friendly, durable, and surprisingly affordable.

As much as you may want to choose reusable options, there’s a time and a place for single-use or compostable plates. Big crowds, busy nights, and special occasions. Whether it’s out in nature or at your dining room table, not having to do the dishes can make or break your experience. After all, in the time it takes to do a load of dishes, memories can be made.

But you don’t have to settle for plates that are an eyesore every time you pull them out. Disposable doesn’t have to mean tacky. And it doesn’t have to derail your event aesthetic. The difference all comes down to the plates you choose. And thanks to a newcomer to the disposable plate world– bamboo– the options just got a whole lot better.

If you’ve never used bamboo plates before, you’re probably wondering how this popular Asian plant came to be used for tableware. Bamboo is actually one of the fastest-growing and strongest plants on Earth. Which makes it the perfect fit for a plate that’s both disposable and a step above the rest. Here’s what you can expect if you try disposable bamboo plates:

The Benefits Of Compostable Bamboo Plates

1. No need to worry about breaking or leaking

There’s nothing worse than filling your plate with a delicious mix of your favorite foods. Only for it to break apart and leave you with a mess. Or, finding out that the sauce from your dinner has leaked its way onto your lap. When you use plates made from the strongest woody plant on the planet, accidents and spills are a thing of the past. So you’ll never have to worry about your plate buckling under the weight of a tasty rack of ribs or a hefty helping of mashed potatoes. Bamboo is extremely durable and strong. It can handle more weight than paper or plastic. And liquids are easily handled, too. That’s because bamboo has a dense, long fiber that is slow to absorb water. This makes it more resistant to liquids than paper.

2. You can reuse them

(Here’s a little secret that surprises people!). They are disposable, but durable bamboo plates can also often be reused 2-3 times. They don’t absorb as much as other plates might, and they’re resistant to cracking or bending. With a wipe down or light rinse in between, you can use your plates multiple times, for multiple courses or for a weekend of camping. Try that with your old paper plates. We can bet that it won’t go well.

3. You’ll save clean-up time (and maybe even some $$$, too)

It goes without saying (but it’s worth repeating). When you choose bamboo plates, you’re saving tedious time spent washing dishes. That means more time spent enjoying meals with the people you love. These plates will cut down on set-up and clean-up time for your events. And, your tables will automatically be kid-friendly. So there won’t be any fears of chipped or broken china plates. And if you’re planning a larger event, choosing disposable can cut down on costs. With no need to wash china plates, you’ll save on water. And if you hire a catering service, you’ll lessen the need for extra dishwashing staff.

4. They’ll elevate your table aesthetics 

Imagine this: a disposable plate that actually makes your event look better. The subtle sheen of natural bamboo does just this. With a thick, sturdy makeup, it simply feels luxurious compared to any other disposable. And when placed on the table, it’s a natural match for both disposable cutlery and silverware. The even surface provides an ideal cutting surface for all types of food, too.

5. Bamboo plates are the most eco-friendly option

From harvesting to end-of-life, this option is the greenest. These plates are made with an abundantly renewable resource. Growing much faster than trees, bamboo is harvested without disturbing the root, which allows the plant to keep growing from where it was cut. Then, strips of bamboo are dried and cut into plates. Unlike paper and plastic plates, which are made with nonrenewable materials and often finished with chemicals. Bamboo is a clean choice from start to finish.

6. They’re free of microplastics and other contaminants 

Microplastics are just what they sound like: minuscule pieces of plastic that are nearly impossible to capture. They’re littering our oceans and land. And they come from broken-down plastic products (like plastic plates). When you choose disposable bamboo plates, you’re keeping your kitchen (and the planet) free of microplastics. 

7. They’re compostable plates (and they’re also biodegradable)

The benefit of single-use plates has long been their biggest drawback, too. Throwing away plates after a meal is easy. But it also creates a lot of waste. Luckily, compostable plates are a simple switch. Bamboo plates like these are CMA certified for commercial composting. And, they’ll also break down in home compost bins in a few months. 

And if there aren’t any compost facilities around? Not to worry. Bamboo plates are 100% biodegradable. So they’ll break down into clean, rich soil no matter where they end up. And if you’re not sure about the difference between biodegradable and compostable (it’s tricky), read this!

8. They’re lightweight and easy to hold 

Although they feel thick and are more durable than you’re used to, bamboo plates won’t weigh you down. That’s because bamboo has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios. The result? A super light plate that’s easy to carry and pass.

9. You might forget that they’re disposable

Be prepared for your guests to ask twice before tossing this tableware away. These compostable plates are so durable and attractive, many people don’t believe that they’re disposable. And that’s what makes them perfect for hosting. Your table settings will look as elegant as if you were using china. And you’ll save yourself the work of actually having to clean them.

10. You can personalize them!

How about this for versatility: thanks to their natural, plant-based makeup, these plates are a canvas for your creativity. Our favorite option? Using a wood burner to add designs, dates, and names. For a wedding, engrave each plate with the couple's initials and wedding date. For a birthday, give the birthday person a special message on their plate. The sky is the limit! And don’t worry- your plates will still be durable and sturdy after decoration.

bamboo plates

 bamboo plates

Make the switch to compostable plates you’ll love to use. Shop our selection of 100% biobased disposable bamboo plates.


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