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The 'One Less Straw' Pledge: Embracing Bamboo for a Greener Future

The 'One Less Straw' Pledge: Embracing Bamboo for a Greener Future

A simple pledge. During the month of October you pledge to use fewer plastic straws. Just one less straw will make a difference.

It's Small But it's Big

plastic pollution

Did you know that in America, we are using an estimated 500,000,000 plastic straws every single day? 500,000,000!! That's crazy! That is like 1.6 straws for every man, woman and child living in this country every single day. If you were to take an entire day’s worth of plastic straws we use in one day, it would fill up over 127 school busses. It's nonsense. 

Straws. It is one thing that we can all do to reduce the plastic pollution that is suffocating our planet. Each and everyone can make a difference.

Here's a recent story. When offered a glass of water with a plastic straw, we said, 'no thanks, keep the straw.' Another person in our group got served their second iced tea arrived with yet another plastic straw, we said, 'no thanks. we can use the same one.' The service person, stopped, and noted, and said, 'Yes, I get it. That makes total sense.' Now, he asks the customer if they really wish a straw. Do they really require another. 

bambu felt it was an important campaign to get behind. The pollution problem can feel overwhelming. But this is a focused effort with a simple and actionable requirement. Stop using, stop accepting plastic straws.

Schools and Children Too

Schools across the nation are participating in the program by signing a pledge stating they promise not to use a single plastic straw during the month of October.

The pledge they sign allows the person taking the pledge to commit to a dollar amount (i.e. .50-cents or $1.00) they promise to pay for every time they forget to refuse a straw. All funds collected by the students goes 100% to the students school so the school can afford to bring in more environmental education programs. So that's pretty cool, huh?

Join A Movement

Action starts with small steps. This is one. A request to Sign the Pledge. Go to the link, sign your name, and refuse a plastic straw. Tell others. Make them aware. Play it forward and create a bigger movement.

And if you need another idea to using a plastic straw, here's one.

Sip From Nature - Bamboo Straws

We offer a natural and reusable option to the plastic straw. Our bamboo straws are selected for their uniform size, sanded and finished with an organic oil. We offer them in a package of six straws. And they come with their own wire brush cleaner. Great for sipping up a smoothie, an ice tea or a cocktail. With proper care and consideration, they'll last you for years to come. Sip and reuse, and say 'no thanks' to another plastic straw.

Say No to Plastic Straws. And if you're looking for beautiful and natural alternative, then consider Bamboo Straws from bambu. Price is $10 for a set of six. Plus cleaning brush. Nature doesn't suck. Plastic does.