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Personalized Wedding Idea for Your Dinnerware

Personalized Wedding Idea for Your Dinnerware

It's that time of year when couples are planning their ideal wedding reception, kids are graduating and party planners are busy preparing for their upcoming summer events. Yes, the season for outdoor entertaining is officially in full swing, and we’re loving it!

It’s great that more and more people are replacing paper and plastic plates and cutlery with an eco-friendly alternative for their events. And, at bambu®, we’re proud to offer the one and only single-use dinnerware products made from 100% certified organic bamboo.

These sustainable and compostable plates and cutlery, known as Veneerware®, come in a variety of shapes and sizes to help you create a beautiful Earth-friendly table setting.

At bambu® we know our customers like to make a statement. And, these aren’t your ordinary disposable plates! Whether you’re having a formal or casual wedding, a backyard BBQ, or a big picnic with family and friends, Veneerware® adds a natural elegance and charm to any place setting. Our Sample Box will help you choose the shape and size that’s just right, and there’s a 10% off coupon inside!   

Veneerware® are the only certified compostable plates and utensils on the market. But, they’re also durable and don’t have to be tossed after the party. Why not make a lasting statement by creating a meaningful message on our bamboo plates for your family and friends? The creative duo at Crazy Together made an artful and personal presentation on their wedding day plates and will show you how too!  

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It’s easy and perfect for weddings, graduations or any special event. All you need is a simple wood burning tool and the bamboo plates of your choice. A little practice and patience will result in a beautiful and memorable presentation. To learn the step-by-step heat stamping process, click here. Thanks to Rob and Maria for sharing their great personalized wedding idea!

Purchase Veneerware® brand bamboo plates, flatware and serving pieces, here and make a statement!

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