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Spring Renewal for Body, Mind and Spirit

Spring Renewal for Body, Mind and Spirit

During the long winter months, we tend to go inward, reflect and conserve our energy. When the earth begins to warm in spring, the flowers and trees blossom, and the fragrance of new life is in the air, something stirs deep within us. Like nature, we slowly awaken from the quiet of winter, feeling more energetic and alive with an undeniable sense of renewal and new beginnings.

The promise of renewal gives us the vision and inspiration to bring our goals and creative energy to fruition. Indeed, spring is a time of personal regeneration and renewal of body, mind and spirit.

So, at bambu, we’ve put together some simple ways to benefit most from the arrival of springtime.

Spend Time in Nature

Studies show that spending time in natural environments has remarkable health benefits. Just 20 minutes in vegetation-rich nature improves vitality and your zest for life. It eases anxiety and depression, improves cognitive function, reduces the stress hormone cortisol, lowers blood pressure and supports enhanced happiness. Being in nature also produces brain waves similar to those experienced while meditating. Go get your nature fix.

An important book recently released, The Nature Fix provides scientific data that supports nature not only improves our mood and well-being but quantifiable evidence that nature improves our ability to think, to plan, to focus and to create. 

De-clutter and Simplify

Spring cleaning doesn’t only apply to tidying up your living space. De-clutter all aspects of your life! While spring is a good time to sell or donate clothing and household items that are no longer needed, it’s also the perfect time to re-evaluate the key areas of your life like your work, relationships and your health. Simplifying has a way of adding more quality to your life. Reorganize your priorities and re-evaluate where you invest your time and energy.  

Tap into Your Creativity

Creativity revitalizes and nurtures your body, mind and spirit. There are proven mental, emotional, physical and spiritual benefits from expressing yourself in a tangible way and sharing something with the world. Hospitals, prisons, and mental health professionals utilize art therapy for its many profound healing benefits. Each of us has a unique way of expressing our creativity, whether it be writing, drawing, singing, or dancing. Pick up that paintbrush you put down when life became too busy and tap into your creativity.

Move Your Body

Dance. Do some yoga. Or, better yet, take a walk and stop to smell the flowers along the way. Walking is a wonderful way to move your body while clearing your mind and reducing anxiety and depression. And, remember to change your route. We are so programmed to do the same routine every day. Change the scenery and change your perspective!

Quiet Your Mind

We’re constantly bombarded with mental stimulation that can lead to worry and stress. Life moves so quickly, surrounding us with the constant stimulation of the information stream. Create opportunities throughout your busy day to quiet your busy mind. 

Renew Your Spirit

Beginning a new discipline invites mindfulness into your life and is an uplifting and nurturing gift to yourself. A daily personal practice such as yoga, meditation, or chi gong provides a “time-out” from your everyday routine. Try journaling, reading an inspirational book or anything else that feeds and renews your spirit.

Restore Your Well-being

Take an inventory of your diet, lifestyle habits, and your stress level, then slowly make one life-enhancing change at a time. Consider a spring detoxification program. This could be anything from avoiding sugar, caffeine, and alcohol to consuming only freshly squeezed juices, vegetable broths and detoxifying herbal teas for a set period of time. The cleansing process de-stresses your body and increases your vital energy. Observe how you feel after eating certain foods and reduce or eliminate gluten, dairy, soy and other common allergens if you notice digestive issues, brain fog or feeling sluggish after consuming them.  

Wishing you a Happy Spring!

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