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The Caterer’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Event Essentials: From Tasting Sporks to Serving Tongs

The Caterer’s Guide to Eco-Friendly Event Essentials: From Tasting Sporks to Serving Tongs

Whether you’re a caterer, party planner or restaurant owner hosting a special event, catering supplies and utensils are a must-have. We’ve designed eco-friendly catering supplies to make your job a lot easier and greener, because all of our catering products are disposable, sustainable and best of all stylish.

All of our Veneerware® products are 100% certified biobased, and our top catering supplies are all compostable within 4-6 months. Compostable catering supplies look more stylish and upscale than plastic or other disposables, and are better for the environment. Our Veneerware® is consistent product-to-product, free of irregularities and blotches, so each product you receive has the same look and feel.

The natural disposable category was created when we developed the first disposable bamboo plates for our Veneerware® line back in 2003. As your catering needs have grown, so has our collection of products, with the same quality and consistency you expect from bambu®.

Here are some of our top catering supplies and ideas for your next event.


Tasting Sporks and Plates:

Between food and wine tastings and happy hours, you’ll want to have plenty of tasting sporks and tasting plates to go around.

Sporks are our favorite compact eating utensils for any occasion. Our compact Veneerware® sporks are versatile and can be used at your event for all different types of appetizers, or even for dessert. This one utensil will fit all of your hors d'oeuvre needs.

Our line of beautifully designed, contemporary square tasting plates are compact enough to fit in your hand with an appetizer or two. These plates measure 3.5’’ x 3.5’’, you’ll find it’s the perfect size. Looking for something a little larger? We also offer 5’’ appetizer plates in the same style.


Plates and Catering Utensils:

And for the main event, you’ll need plates and utensils. We offer disposable bamboo plates in all different styles and sizes, see product pages for details. From our traditional round, to modern square and even scalloped-edged plates. To match the aesthetic of your dinnerware, we offer catering utensils in the same color and finish. Opt for our forks, knives and spoons, or for an outdoor event choose our long-handled sporks.

Whatever your event needs, our line of disposable plates and catering utensils are durable, consistent, and stylish. And after the event, throw them away or compost them guilt-free.


Serving Tongs:

Going family style for your next event, nothing says “pass the food” like serving tongs. Our bamboo serving tongs are lightweight and durable. No more plastic tongs, use these disposable tongs instead for salads, buffets and more.

Whether you’re catering for a wedding, luncheon or dinner, explore our full selection of our eco-friendly catering supplies and Veneerware® options.

Catering regularly? Learn more about how to become a bambu® wholesaler or contact us at [email protected].