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Year of the Rooster and What It  Means For You in 2017

Year of the Rooster and What It Means For You in 2017

Happy Lunar New Year

More people recognize Lunar New Year than the calendar new year, so as we have in previous years, we recognize the new year and the Chinese zodiac. 

2017 is the Year of the Rooster. Here's what you need to know about the year to come.

2017 is the Year of the Red Fire Rooster. The fiery temperament of the Rooster is expected to infuse more enthusiasm and energy into all activities, increasing hopes for better prospects for everyone. This is the year to work hard and persevere in order to achieve your desired goals. This is also a time to be spent in solitude and harmony with friends and family.

The Year of the Rooster will be a powerful one, with no middle of the road when it comes to moving forward. This year, impressions count. You’ll want to look your best and be clear on your intentions concerning love, money, and business. Stick to practical and well-proven paths to ensure success, rather than risky ventures.

In a Rooster Year, all of the Chinese animals can reap great rewards by tapping into Rooster traits. Loyalty, commitment, hard work and family values, are just some of the characteristics that will be rewarded this year. – “as the Rooster crows!” 

To a good year for all.


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