Plastic-Free Cleaning

Bring the perfect naturally attractive touches to your home with our selection of plastic-free cleaning supplies, eco-friendly textiles, and utility items. Finding high performing, plastic-free solutions for home essentials can be a challenge. And it’s exactly why we spent years designing a line of eco-friendly alternatives. From sponges to scrub brushes, the entire Bambu cleaning collection is free of plastics and chemicals, and all products are biodegradable at the end of their life. Crafted with renewable materials like certified organic bamboo, cork, hemp, and cotton, these products use the power of nature to offer durability while remaining low-impact.

We believe that making changes to our daily routines is one of the most important aspects of green living. And, that making an eco-friendly choice shouldn’t be difficult, or leave you with a sub-par product. Luckily, the natural world offers many materials that are ideal for plastic-free cleaning and utility products. While plastic-based materials are most commonly used for cleaning products, there are many alternatives that don’t contribute to microplastic pollution and are arguably better suited for the job. Among these are organic hemp and cotton. These materials are naturally resistant to pests, so no harsh chemicals or pesticides need to be used in their production. This keeps your home free of potentially harmful substances, and leaves you with products that are durable and reusable.

While many cleaning products on the market are either disposable or will last in landfills indefinitely after they’re tossed away, we design our eco-friendly cleaning supplies to be reusable, washable, and have a clean life cycle from start to finish. That’s why you’ll find easy care instructions on all of our cleaning and utility products. With a simple cycle in the dishwasher or washing machine, Bambu sponges and dishcloths can be effortlessly cleaned, sanitized, and ready for reuse. And, unlike short-lived sponges and scrubbers, our brushes are designed with durable tampico and palmyra bristles that can be sanitized with vinegar again and again. Once your bambu cleaning supplies are ready to be disposed of, they can be added to your compost. You can repeat the cycle knowing that you’re part of a clean, waste-free life cycle.

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Our Top Selling Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Long-Life Sponge

Now even better! Say goodbye to that ragged-looking yellow sponge for good. Carefully created through years of design and testing, the long-life sponge is the ultimate eco-friendly sponge solution. Unlike many so-called eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are made with bleached cellulose, this sponge is filled with natural latex for excellent flexibility and long-lasting suds. This solution keeps more materials from the landfill, and offers an absorbent, easily sanitized sponge. From the inner filling to the thread, the Long-Life sponge is made entirely of renewable, plastic-free materials. Toss it in the dishwasher or washing machine to clean, and cut it up and toss it in your backyard compost once it’s ready to be disposed of.

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