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MEEMA Kitchen Towel set bundles with a Kitchen Basics Set

Prep Essentials Set

$44.00 $47.25

MEEMA Striped Dinner napkins are bundled with a set of Bambu Servers.

Serve It Up Set

$40.00 $43.00

This bundle includes a Meema Upcycled Denim Apron, and a set of 3 Give it a Rest cooking utensils.

Home Chef Set

$55.00 $59.50

MEEMA Dinner Napkins made from upcycled denim.

MEEMA Napkins made with Upcycled Denim - Set of 4


Manuka honey and bamboo tools: bamboo teaspoon bamboo tiny tong, and bamboo spreader.

Manuka Honey & Tools Set

$29.00 $31.24

Grubware On-The-Go Set

$48.50 $50.99

A medium Classic Cutting & Serving Board is paired with a bottle of Bamboo Finishing Oil.

Classic Cutting & Care Set

$39.00 $40.20