Countdown to the Best Eco Products in 2019

Eco-Excellence Awards - 2019

Review and vote for your favorite product across the numerous categories of interest. Get a sneak peek at the best of the best of new eco-friendly products for family, home, travel, baby and more. 

bambu is a finalist again this year. The selected product this year is the Eat/Drink Tool Kit. bambu introduced it's Grubware® brand of simple tools, cutlery and utensils for when people are on-the-move, and want to forego single-use, and say 'no thanks' to plastic. 

Grubware Eat/Drink Tool Kit by bambu

Eat Drink Zero Waste Bamboo Kit

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The voting ends July 31st. To vote before that date, simple Click Here. Look for the Outdoor icon near the top of the page. Click on the Outdoor symbol. Look for Eat/Drink Tool Kit. Click. That's it, you're done. Unless you want to browse around the other categories, and cast your vote for your favorites.  

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Use the code VOTEFOR10 and you'll get 10% your next order before July 31st.  Go shopping >

Read our blog post about this year's Eco-Excellence award. 


2019 Eco-Excellence Judges

Grubware travel bamboo cutlery

Travel Bamboo Cutlery Reusable bamboo straws Coffee Wooden Tray Camp Cooking

bambu® is the premier brand of thoughtfully-designed sustainable goods for everywhere you are. Giving you good reasons to use alternatives to plastic.

Check out the Grubware collection of zero waste (#zerowaste) products from bambu

If you need to use single-use dinnerware, then we have the best solution for you. The original natural disposable plate. Premium quality Veneerware® is the only certified organic bamboo dinnerware that is also compost approved. A full range of plates, cutlery and sporks, serving accessories, napkins, straws and more.

Shop Veneerware multiple-use disposable dinnerware HERE

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