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10 Surprising Reasons Bamboo Cutting Boards Outshine the Rest

10 Surprising Reasons Bamboo Cutting Boards Outshine the Rest

Favored by five-star chefs and home cooks alike, a bamboo cutting board is a quality addition to any kitchen. And when we weighed bamboo cutting board pros and cons, some unique facts came to the surface. Here’s why this is one item you’ll always want on your countertop.


1. Are bamboo cutting boards sanitary? Yup– even more than plastic

Your cutting board is probably one of the most used items in your kitchen. So making sure that it’s free of bacteria isn’t just nice, it’s essential. For a long time, plastic was considered to be the most sanitary cutting board material because it’s a dishwasher-safe option. However, research shows that even when it’s put in the dishwasher, plastic promotes bacteria growth more than bamboo or wood. The hairline knife cuts that occur on plastic cutting boards are hidden breeding grounds for bacteria. And because they’re nearly impossible to clean out, it’s difficult to fully santize a plastic board. 

2. And, they are stronger than wood

Few people know that bamboo is the strongest woody plant on Earth. With a tensile strength that’s greater than several types of metal, bamboo cutting boards are a good choice for a durable, long-lasting kitchen material. They’re resistant to cracking and will certainly survive an accidental tumble from the countertop. Don’t get the wrong idea, though. Bamboo is uniquely lightweight for how strong it is.

3. It might be the last cutting board you buy

Sure, a cutting board isn’t a traditional “heirloom item.” But when you add a bamboo cutting board to your home, you’ll find that it might just become one. Bamboo isn’t just durable and sanitary, it can also be endlessly refinished. With a few swipes of fine-grit sandpaper, you can give a much-loved bamboo cutting board a brand-new surface. Try doing that with plastic (hint: it won’t work very well). Want to extend the life of your board even further? Consider designating your bamboo boards to certain ingredients, such as using a different cutting board for meat, fish, and produce.

4. With a touch of finishing oil, bamboo will never lose its shine

It’s easy to keep a bamboo cutting board looking just like the day you bought it. Rub a few drops of finishing oil into the surface and it will regain its beautiful grain. Unlike wood, which is more porous and needs frequent oiling to keep a fresh look, bamboo boards can be oiled as seldomly as once a month and remain in good condition.

5. It’s more stain and odor resistant than wood or plastic

Between dicing onions and slicing those beautiful red beets, your cutting board is subject to a lot. Wood can quickly gain a funky smell after a few rounds of garlic and onions, and a white plastic cutting board will remain forever red once it’s subject to beet juice. But bamboo is resistant to both. And if you do happen along a stubborn stain, rub some lemon juice on it and watch the colors fade.

6. You get a cutting and serving board all-in-one

Bamboo is a naturally attractive material. With a warm golden tone and distinctively even grain, bamboo boards can effortlessly move from kitchen to table. In fact, some are specifically designed for double-sided use. Unlike chunky plastic boards that are meant to stay hidden in a drawer, a bamboo cutting board is beautiful enough to stay on display. Save space and make entertaining easier with this multi-functional surface.

7. Looking for the eco-friendly choice? This is it

For many of us, shopping for planet-friendly products has never been more important. And starting with daily-use items, like kitchen tools, is one of the best ways to start. When it comes to sustainability, bamboo easily outperforms all other materials. The plant itself is a readily available, renewable resource. Harvesting bamboo is lower-impact than wood because it doesn’t require replanting after it’s been harvested. Petroleum-based plastic cutting boards are made with non-renewable resources that harm the environment, while organically grown bamboo has a clean life cycle from start to finish.

After it’s made, bamboo continues to outperform other cutting board materials. Thanks to it’s durability and how easy it is to refinish, bamboo cutting boards can last for decades. This cuts down the need for a replacement. And when you do need to say goodbye to it, a bamboo board is biodegradable, unlike plastic boards that will exist in landfills for hundreds of years.

8. You can add a high-end look to your home with an affordable price

A bamboo cutting board might look like it belongs in a professional kitchen (and you’ll find them there, too). But their price tag is surprisingly budget-friendly. Often, bamboo is less expensive than wood or plastic options, while offering a much more refined look. Swapping out your plastic or old wood board for bamboo is a affordable and eco-friendly kitchen upgrade that will last for years.

9. Bamboo is warp-resistant

Afraid that a natural-grain cutting board will warp and crack? Typically, cutting boards made from natural materials warp because they take in water. However, bamboo is less porous than wood, which makes it naturally water resistant. This makes it more warp-resistant and less likely to crack than it’s wooden counterparts. And when you oil your bamboo board regularly, it gains an extra layer of protection!

10. Choosing a board made with organic, food-safe materials keeps chemicals and lacquers away from your food

Shouldn’t the surfaces you put your food on be just as clean as your ingredients? We sure think so. While many wood and even other bamboo boards are coated with heavy lacquers, the Bambu line of USDA Biobased certified bamboo cutting boards offers a kitchen solution that’s guaranteed to keep toxins away from  your food. Made with sustainably harvested, FSC-certified bamboo and finished with few drops of natural food-safe oil, a cutting board from Bambu is the safest choice for you and for the planet. 

Need another reason to add some bamboo to your kitchen? Check out these five-star bamboo cutting board reviews:

“We couldn't be more pleased with the cutting board. It's beautiful, and this could be my imagination, but it seems like the knife movement on the board is smoother than on our old plastic one.” - Forest R

“I am so impressed with the quality and design of this little champ. I use it daily and I know that it last for many, many years.” Denise C

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