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Big Savings on Hemp & Garden Tools for Spring

Spring is in full gear and Summer is just around the corner. We're offering customers big savings on our Spring Collection.

Big Savings on Hemp Collection - 40% OFF

The hemp denim aprons are a customer favorite. 

Hemp Denim Apron - regularly priced $40. Now $24.

"As usual you have created a great product - Hemp and organic cotton, as it should be! Love the tools that come with the apron too. The attention to detail is great."

"Love the fit, plus the material is super soft and comfortable"

See the 'Roll Out' video of our Makers Apron with Organic Bamboo Tools. 

Shop with us as we celebrate Hemp History Week from June 1st through June 7th with big savings on all our textile products.

Soft, Durable Tea Towels, Travel Sets, Soft Bowls, and more.

Here is what you should know about Hemp. Hemp is one of those remarkable renewable resources. Hemp can be used with an astonishing range of products, and offers some exceptional qualities. 


  • Hemp can be grown without any pesticides or agricultural chemicals and, if so, is a non-toxic source of fiber for clothing.
  • As a food, hemp is loaded with digestible protein, omega essential fatty acids (EFAs) and naturally occurring minerals.

About our Hemp. The future fiber.

Your impression of hemp is probably that is is rough and coarse. Not true. We source this material locally. It's a blend of HALF organic cotton and HALF Hemp. The deep blue color is derived partially from natural indigo. The material has a nice subtle fade over time. And it softens over time. It is super absorbent too.

We support the idea that US farmers should be allowed to grow hemp. 

Learn more about Hemp and Hemp History Week


For a limited time, we are also offering savings on more than 10 garden and utility tools for the garden. 

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Products from nature and for nature. Make something wonderful.



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