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Suck on This! - Bambu wins Innovation Award

bambu once again was awarded the Eco-Choice Award in New York. This year the award was given for Most Innovative Product for the company's Bamboo Straws at the New York exhibition, Sustainability: Design for a Better World.

Three products from bambu will be featured in this year's exhibition: Bamboo Straws, the company's unique Cork & Spork, and the new Baby Training Spoon and Leash

Our bamboo straws are reusable, biodegradable and of course, certified organic. Juice, ice tea, smoothies or cocktails all go done better with bamboo straws. It's like drinking from nature.

We package these up in a set of 6. And we are included a handy cleaning brush to wash them out for years of use. (psst..customers tell us they throw them in the dishwasher repeatedly and they stand the test).

Co-founder and lead designer, Rachel Speth, remarks, "I can't really take full credit for this award. Nature had a big part to play in designing our straws."

Award Winning Discount -  25% Off on Bamboo Straws

We are celebrating the award by offering customers a 25% discount on our bamboo straws through August. Use the code: SuckOnThis25 at checkout on our bambuShop.

Bamboo Straws by bambu, are a wonderfully simple product. We were inspired to offer them to our customers when we first discovered them on a trip to Bali. 

A comment from one recent customer sums it up quite well.

"I drink lemon water every morning so i got those straws to protect my teeth from citrus/acidic exposure while still getting the benefits of the lemon water detoxification and alkalinity every day. i tried glass straws before but i didn't like the glass texture touching my teeth, so was looking for bamboo ones. my main focus was to find the strawsthat are free of toxins and easy to use/clean - bambu straws satisfied both points - i learned that bambu company uses organic bamboo that grows and is harvested from wild groves, not from farmed plantations.

There are no fertilizers or pesticides used & they finish the straws with a certified organic oil derived from the flax seed. the cleaning brush is very helpful as i can clean the straw after smoothies, so the product is clean and last longer. I am very particular when it comes to buying, so i research what I buy and where it comes from, what goes into it, how sustainable it is, etc and I actually emailed bambu asking about their product origins and certifications before the purchase, and got very detailed and clear answers. I m happy to support such company that is contributing to a healthier humanity and healthier planet. 5 stars for sure!"

Sip on Nature. Take advantage of our special offer, and grasp some bamboo straws. 


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