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Lending a Hand with The Legacy Center

We exhibited at the New York Now show a few weeks ago. It was a great show and a great time. We hadn't exhibited in New York for over two years. We saw familiar faces and made new friends and customers. Danielle came out from Shanghai. Sadie came over from Portland. And we all met in New York. Good fun and hard work.

bambu at NYNOW   

We were fortunate enough to also meet Cesar. And meet The Legacy Center.

Cesar Rodriguez is an energetic and a positive force. He is all about helping others.  Special people do what he does. And Cesar is at the front of the lines helping people in New York. 

He, his team and a great group of volunteers make it happen. And small businesses lend a hand.

We elected to give our product donation this year to The Legacy Center. Our herbs and plants also went to The Legacy Center.

TLC operates with the goal of helping people in their situation, empowering them and helping them out of their situation. The group provides food and housewares to approximately 500 families every month. They operate the Marketplace, College mentoring, Tutoring, and Career Counseling. Additionally, they partner with 25 public schools and provide backpacks for children living in shelters and in crisis situations.

Check out the below video to learn more about the driving force that makes TLC a special organization making a difference.

Why The Legacy Center can't cross the street! from TLCNYC.ORG on Vimeo.

If you are in the greater New York area, we encourage you to check them out. Consider donations, volunteer work and share their story. Opportunity to volunteer time? Go here.

Thanks Cesar for all you do.