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The Spork and the Union between People

The union of two individuals is a special event. Formal marriages, informal weddings or casual partners, it is special when two become one. 

A customer of ours shared a story about a friend's fun and informal wedding. The wedding included a sit down meal for all the bride and groom's guests. To represent their 'union' they presented as a tabletop gift, a Spork. 

The coming together to two distinct units = a union. 

A really clever idea. A small simple item that nicely and appropriate reflects the bigger idea and the meaning of unity.

We offer a wide assortment of Sporks. All made from certified organic bamboo. No glues, no plastics, and no yucky lacquer coatings. Only the good stuff. Pack a spork, slip one in your drawer, pocket or backpack.


Check out our (6) six different Spork options here

And as a special treat. See below the story of how our Spork came to be.


The LIfe of a Bamboo Spork