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bambu - New Product Highlight - Travel Utensil Sets

Our highly anticipated updated collection is now available. Among our more popular sustainable gift items will surely be our Reusable Travel Utensil Sets. This is an update to our previous Out N About Utensil Set. Call it, Eating on the Go 2.0.

Eco friendly gift like bamboo utensils

Travel utensil sets for life on the go. This unique set is comprised of lightweight and durable knife, fork and spoon sets, made from certified organic bamboo; the only utensils that proudly carry the USDA Organic seal. The utensils are hand cut and finished from single pieces of bamboo means, they are made to last and made without glues or lacquers. 

Our bamboo is sourced just over the hills where the woodworkers produce each of these sets by hand. We certify our bamboo source annually. And have for over seven years. Why? Because it is important that customers know what they are getting. And that our customers are assured that the bamboo material is grown without pesticides and fertilizers, or other chemicals in the process. 

bambu is the only brand that offers certified organic bamboo. If you are going to eat healthy, then it makes sense to use healthy cutlery and tools. We construct our utensils from single pieces of bamboo (a stalk of bamboo is called a culm). That means there is no glue used. And that means there is no glue to leech into your foods. That's a good thing. Clean, green eating utensils for clean, healthy eating. 

Where it gets fun and interesting, is the new travel pouch we have designed. Each knife, fork and spoon set are enclosed in a washable, plastic free eco-fabric pouch. The case keeps your tools clean and tidy and ready to reach for at your next meal. We make three unique options to choose from.

sustainable gifts from bambu

Hemp Denim with cork fabric liner, Cork Fabric, and Organic Cotton Stripe.

We have created a special Hemp Denim fabric that combines hemp with organic cotton. The hemp fades over time like well worn jeans. Hemp has 8x the tensile strength and 4x the durability of other natural fibers. It is mildew resistant and anti-microbial, making it an excellent fiber for the outdoors and life on the road.

Our Cork Fabric pattern is new this year. We call it 'strata' for it's subtle stripping pattern. It is super durable and also washable.

The Organic Cotton Stripe is the newest of our natural fiber textiles. Also referred to as Hickory Cloth. It has quite a history we uncovered. From the 1920's to the 1950's it was chiefly used for the manufacturing of work clothes. We often call it a 'railroad stripe.'

Designed for ultimate portability, it's an ideal eco friendly gift for that someone who is always on the go (hint: could that be you?). These pack up easily and keep the business end of our utensils covered and protected so it doesn't muss up your bag or purse. Neat and tidy, ready to go. Each pouch has a rivet so you can strap it on when you're out and about. Also includes a brass snap to snap them in and keep your set tight and secure. 

The whole set is super lightweight and ready when you are ready to take on a meal, a quick bite or a mid-day snack.  

Buy these for $13. Find other green gifts on our bambuShop website here

We sell other options too. Knife, Fork and Spoon sets without the travel pouch for under $10. 

Looking for other sustainable gifts? Check out our online shop at or preview our 2016 catalog.

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Eat well and travel green.