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Choosing the Right Cutting Board

Cutting boards matter. At last count we had eight different cutting boards. But that is what you might expect from us, since we make bamboo cutting boards and we like to cook and prepare good food. We find many of our customers also keep and use several cutting boards for different purposes. 

Our range of boards consist of several specialty cutting boards including a customer favorite among bread lovers, the Gaby Crumb Board.

Gaby Crumb Board cutting board

It's worth thinking different about your cutting boards. Our two most popular boards are our Classic Cutting and Serving Boards, and our Undercut Series Cutting Boards.

Classic Cutting and Serving Boards

A grungy old plastic cutting board hardly fits well in your home environment. That’s why we created our beautiful, handcrafted cutting boards. These best-selling beauties are especially designed for small, lightweight tasks such as slicing and serving, all with aplomb your guests and family will admire. These boards are thin and lightweight, with gently rounded edges that mean no sharp corners to dent your pretty table, and are fully reversible, so you can cut on one side and pass canapés from the other.

Plus, did we mention our boards are super-green? Handcrafted from sustainably harvested bamboo, these babies are finished with a light coating of natural food-safe oil finish and nothing else. Bamboo’s naturally moisture-resistant properties mean they won’t swell and warp over time, so you won’t have to run out and replace them any time soon. In addition to providing top-notch quality, we’re giving planned obsolescence a kick in the pants.

When it comes right down to it, we know that whether your outdoor area is the dreamboat setting described above or a card table with candles, you still want the best. Our boards come through with long-lasting, superior quality you’ll turn to again and again.

We offer our Classic Boards in four sizes starting at $12. See our range of Classic Cutting Boards here

The Plank cutting board

Undercut Series Cutting Boards

Our Undercut Series cutting boards work for all occasions and are a necessary addition to your kitchen repertoire. With functional design and superior quality, we undercut the competition with a unique cutting board design that allows you to cut, serve, carry and set down all without breaking a sweat — or spilling a crumb. Moreover, these sleek boards are made from sustainably harvested bamboo, which resists swelling, washes up easily and glows with the beauty of rich, gold-brown grain. What more could you ask from a kitchen go-to?

Oh, that’s right: a big selection. Well, we’ve got you covered there, too. Available in sizes ranging from a petite 6 1/2 inches to a full 17 inches, capable of carrying a small pizza, these boards cover any need that might arise. Want flexibility? Get the whole set. We would understand.

Our cutting board prices start at just $11. Four sizes to choose from.

Undercut Cutting Boards


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