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bambu Joins with Plastic Pollution Coalition

Here at bambu, a green products company, the relationships we keep are as important as the customers we serve and the friends that we make. That makes this new partnership all the more exciting.

We are thrilled to announce that bambu has joined with Plastic Pollution Coalition. Our society faces a serious crisis with the level of plastic waste that is overwhelming our eco-systems. 

Bambu, green products company joins with Plastic Pollution Coalition

This huge challenge requires action and involvement from concerned citizens and responsible businesses.

And that is the purpose of the Plastic Pollution Coalition. To empower more people and more organizations to take action to stop plastic pollution and to live plastic-free. As a small business that creates products, we are focused on sustainable products that are free of plastic. 

We had the pleasure of welcoming the dynamic and effervescent Dianna Cohen, CEO and Founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition to our Shanghai studio. 

We were quick to realize that we have a shared set of values and a common concern. We discussed a range of issues and some fun, interesting ideas too.

There is No 'Away.'

This was a defining statement for us when we started bambu. Waste doesn't go away just because you don't see it. The plastic micro beads issue is that very idea magnified.

Dianna shares,

Solutions and alternatives to single-use and disposable plastic exist right now- some examples are glass, steel, iron, ceramic, wood, bamboo and paper. These are smart, flexible and beautiful easy answers to address and elevate the global plastic pollution crisis.

Plastic Pollution Coalition and Bambu met in Shanghai China to discuss the importance of intelligent sustainable product design.

PPC is thrilled to welcome Bambu to the Coalition.

Our focus is on creating #plasticfree sustainable products.

sustainable design products like bamboo straws

green products bamboo travel utensils

Using green products such as bamboo cutlery or bamboo straws instead of single-use plastic options is one way all of us can reduce our plastic use.

bambu has created strategic partnerships with Seafood Watch and the Honey Bee Research Lab to help support healthy eco-systems. 

We are pleased to welcome Plastic Pollution Coalition to the family. Join Us To Help Live a Plastic Free Life. Join the Movement


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