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bambu expands Natural Fiber Textiles

bambu has recently expanded its range of products using a wider range of natural fiber textiles that the team has sourced locally near the bambu production studio in Shanghai.

The company introduced their iconic Adjust-A-Bowl several seasons ago in beautiful cork fabric. Last season, bambu launched its Hemp Denim collection. This season, the company extends its exploration in natural fibers with a new organic cotton stripe.

The bambu brand is focused on sustainable design and creates products for the home and for modern living. 

The company takes a material-centric approach in developing sustainable ideas. 

"We work and play around with a lot of different materials and look locally first, for our inspiration. Despite our name, we never intended to focus solely on bamboo material as our only renewable source for creation," owner and designer, Rachel Speth shares. 

Some background details on our natural fibers.

Hemp Denim

Hemp has been cultivated for industrial purposes for over 12,000 years. Hemp was the desired fiber for centuries used to manufacture rope, canvas, paper and clothing. 

Hemp has 8x the tensile strength and 4x the durability of other natural fibers. It is mildew resistant and anti-microbial, making it an excellent fiber for use in the kitchen, on the table, outside, and on the road.

bambu has created a range of products from Hemp Denim including. kitchen and garden apron, tea towels, soft bowls, and travel cases. Shop Our Products Here >

Hemp denim natural fiber

Organic Cotton

Our Organic Stripe is also called Hickory Cloth. It originates from the 1920's and is a strong fabric of twill construction made of certified organic cotton. It was originally used primarily for work clothes. Later became popular as prison garb. It's distinctive stripe and durability makes a long lasting fiber. 

bambu has introduced travel cases in the Organic Stripe style fabric. Both Travel Zip Pouches and Travel Utensil Sets matched with organic bamboo cutlery sets. Shop here >

organic cotton fabric travel cases

Cork Fabric

Cork is harvested from the cork oak tree, one of 425 species of oak. As many people know, the largest concentration of cork oak is in Spain and Portugal. Cork is also native to China to some people's surprise. The Chinese Cork Oak (Quercus Variabilis) is a wild crop in China. Cork is an abundant natural and renewable resource.

Cork fabric is made from comprising and then cutting thin sheets. The cork fabric is extremely durable, dust and stain-resistant. Shop Cork Fabric Here >