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Our Customers' Most Favored Bamboo Utensils

We have selected two of our most loved, most used, and most favored tools in the kitchen. We know cooks have their favorite utensils they reach for time and time again. These are the stories of two. 

Bamboo cutlery designed by bambu

Risotto Spoon

hen’s freshly painted windowsill lie the scattered red rooftops of a medieval Italian town. The history of this place is deeply rooted in its gorgeous architecture, its fine art and its amazing cuisine, which is why you chose to site your New-World-meets-Old-World-style restaurant here. Around you bustle chefs and prep cooks attending to various delectable tasks, while out in the waiting room a visiting food critic and her diplomat guest await the best you have to offer.

It doesn’t take a genius to know what you’ll serve: a rich mushroom risotto made with the region’s best seasonal offerings. Reaching a hand into the belt of your apron (which could be a hemp denim apron) , you pull out the one — the only — tool you would consider using to prepare a meal for such esteemed folk. This risotto spoon is finely crafted with the chef in mind, with a rounded handle that makes for a comfortable grip and burnished wood that slips easily through grainy dishes without breaking them apart and turning them gluey.

Hand-shaped from a single piece of certified organic bamboo and finished with natural wood oil, this spoon does not impart or absorb flavors. Neither will it scratch your fine cookware and surfaces, so granite countertops and enameled pots are equally safe from the ravages of metal spoons. At 12 inches long, this spoon easily reaches to the bottom of pots, where it can gently scrape and move food without causing you any discomfort.

Now the only question is what to serve with your risotto. May we suggest a light green salad and an aged Chianti? That way, whether you’re a noted chef facing down a critic or a simple home cook hoping to do your friends proud, you’re sure to hit the mark.

As as our customers share, the Risotto Spoon is a great kitchen bamboo tool to manage hard boiled eggs in boiling water. 

All this for $4.50. Visit our Bambu Shop for a full range of bamboo kitchen tools. 

Bamboo Utensils

Sauce Spoon

Throughout the long history of humanity, there is one food we reliably want more of, over and over again, and that’s sauce. Be it a rich gravy at Thanksgiving, a delicious creme anglaise on top of chocolate cake, or a cheese sauce to mix with homemade baked macaroni, we usually don’t say no to it. Sauces are rich and comforting; they hearken to holidays and times of celebration; they remind us of all that is good and wonderful about life.

If you’re going to make a delicious sauce time and time again, though, it helps to have the right spoon to do it. Allow us to present the Sauce Spoon, perfectly hewn from a single piece of certified organic bamboo, shaped by hand, and finished with natural food-safe oil. It won’t absorb or impart flavors, nor will it scratch the cooking surfaces and countertops you care about. The result? A gorgeous product that you’ll reach for again and again.

We don’t want you to worry that this spoon is a one-trick pony, though. It’s capable of far more, such as mixing the cake your creme anglaise will eventually be drizzled over, or swirling the macaroni in the pot in which it boils. We’re confident that this spoon will be a winner for you, crafted with a rounded handle for a comfortable grip and a spanning a handy, easy-to-wield 12 inches. Chances are, this will become your go-to kitchen tool in no time.

With each and every one of our tools, we ask the same question: Why make pretty good when you could make the best? With this sauce spoon, we’re pretty sure we hit the mark.

$4.50 at the Bambu Shop. Shop our full range of kitchen utensils, cutting boards, and serving items. All made from sustainable materials and made to last.

Both of these arrive to you with a waxed cotton strap at the handle so you can hang them, crock them, or drawer them. Keep them within reach.




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