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GOOD Magazine | The China Issue

We love GOOD magazine, one of the better new magazines focused on making the world a better place. We picked up the latest issue when in the US. It's probably obvious why. Good speaks the truth, and as it states below, the onslaught of media focus on China begins..

GOOD Magazine | The China Issue

In just a few months, the Olympic flame will arrive in Beijing, signaling the start of the 29th Olympiad. Beyond medal counts and race results, we will be engulfed in news about China—from government-sponsored agitprop about rapid modernization to alarmist drumbeats about a growing military and potential economic disaster. Somewhere in between the propaganda and the hysteria will lie the truth.

If the United States is the last remaining superpower of the imperialist era, then China is rapidly becoming the first of the information age. When the world last found itself with two superpowers things didn’t go so well; we’re hoping these stories will contribute to a more rational dialogue this time around. .