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Like Minds - Patagonia ~ Let My People Go, Footprint Chronicles & 1%

We like the the minds at Patagonia. We've been admirers of theirs for years. From our first syncillia jacket, to the bullet proof SST fishing jacket, the products have always been built tough and sensibly. Performance first. Their catalogs are mouth-watering adventure travel logs created with substance and environmental reverence and stewardship. Their story telling is masterful.

 A favorite on the bookshelf these days has been, Let My People Go Surfing - Yvon Chounnard's personal account of passion turned to business. The accidentally CEO.

Patagonia has always been guided by a clear set of principles. They've made some mistakes along the way, but they've never sold out, exhibit a strong will, and remain fiercely independent.

Footprint Chronicles chronicles the creation and journey of several selected products. An honest account that highlights both the Good and the Bad. This level of transparency is to be applauded and makes a large step to full accountability of product creation and its lifecycle impacts. Plus the site and the graphics are pretty cool.

 Patagonia is the biggest single reason why bambu became associated with 1% For The Planet back in 2005, and the brand continues to open our eyes and challenge us to do it better, to make light footprints and 'cause no harm.' An inspiring company that sets the bar high.

Here is a short video clip that brings you a bit closer to the reluctant businessman and the beginnings of 1% For The Planet.
[vimeo w=400&h=308]
Yvon Chouinard on NBC's Nightly News from coreindustries on Vimeo.