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UPS - A Brilliant Green Idea

We've been following the Sustainable Brands 08 conference - from afar naturally. It's the type of event we should really be at, I know. Anyway, Andrew Winston, co-author of the book Green to Gold, kicked off Day Two at Sustainable Brands '08 with an update on green marketing and innovations across various industries.

One of the examples he cited was from UPS. This is brilliant,

Read on....

If you watch UPS trucks and vans delivering packages around your area, you will notice they no longer make left-hand turns. UPS trucks now only make right-hand turns, even if it takes a little longer to get there.

Why? Left-hand turns mean sitting at red lights far more often, which means idling, which means wasting gas. By only taking right-hand turns, UPS is cutting their gas consumption (and gas budget) significantly - 3 million gallons of fuel as of December 2007.

How cool is that? UPS wins our favor and is our preferred shipper for getting bambu products to our customers. Quickly, efficiently, and wisely.

(Via SB08 Sustainable Brands Conference 2008 .)