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1 Big Idea = 1000 Eco Design Ideas


The way we live is unsustainable. Our actions and our decisions have environmental consequences. Ecologically sensitive design has to become an integral and permanent part of our lives.

1000 New Eco Designs by Rebecca Proctor is an impressive look into contemporary interior products that are at once ecologically sound and beautifully designed.

Proctor takes on the impressive task of identifying 1000 interior and homeware designs from around the world in this showcase reference book.

An essential resource for consumers, the book includes a simple rating system to help cut through the eco maze. Each design is accompanied by icons that show at a glance the product's 'green' credentials - highlighting the use of recycled, renewable and locally-sourced materials as well as non-toxic, low-energy and low-wast manufacturing processes.

The idea that being sensitive to the environment needn't mean sacrificing good design is one that we firmly believe in.

We are honored to be included in this global showcase of design excellence.


Five (5) of our collections are included in this reference book including our All Occasion Veneerware®, Serveware, Coiled Lacquerware bowls, our super Chop Block, and our Cork creations.


Besides bambu, there are other more established brands like Dorat, and Droog from Amsterdam, and Artecnica, as well as lots of fresh ideas from many emerging designers and artists. This is worthy of buying and referencing often.